Obama Made Insulting Remarks About Texas Shooting Victims

Days after the brutal school shooting in Texas that killed 19 children, former President Obama preferred remembering the two-year-old murder of George Floyd, instead of the recent victims.

Obama Preferred Not to Remember Texas School Victims

The controversial tweet of Obama stated Americans need to spare some time from grieving Texas victims “to recognize” the passing of George Floyd’s murder two years prior.

This tweet of the former president came at a time when the whole nation was occupied with emotions in the wake of the Texas shooting.

Political commentator Douglas Murray asked an apt question from the former president in one of his op-eds in the New York Post.

He asked why people have to take time to remember a two-year-old event, instead of mourning a recent massacre, which is not even one week old.

Thus, Murray asserted Democratic politicians try to do these sorts of things to get political mileage in sensitive situations.

These politicians try to propagate the policeman killed George Floyd because of his skin color, but this is not a proven fact, as per the commentator.

Had this been the case, this point could have been used against the police officer Chauvin during his trial, but nothing along these lines was mentioned in the court proceedings.

Floyd’s Case Triggered Anti-Police Sentiments

Murray compared George Floyd’s murder with another such episode that happened in Texas, but did not go viral like Floyd’s event.

In Texas, a white man, Tony Timpa, was killed by a police officer via suffocation in 2016. Even though he was also killed like Floyd, he did not make headlines just because no passerby recorded video footage.

The involvement of white-colored Timpa in the same sort of tragedy depicted that Floyd’s murder was not triggered by color, Murray asserted.

However, the events followed by each of these incidents marked an even bigger disparity. According to the commentator, Floyd’s murder triggered nationwide protests and launched a BLM movement which increased anti-police sentiments.

Likewise, Floyd’s episode also made a narrative that black Americans are intentionally being oppressed by police, which maligned the law enforcement institution.

Furthermore, Floyd’s death encouraged many corporations and government bodies to propagate a woke narrative in the country, which ultimately empowered radical entities.

Thus, most people started believing the hollow conspiracy theories of “white supremacy” in the United States, as per Murray.

Seeing data, it is easy to say police interactions like that of Floyd are extremely rare.

Still, many people, according to Murray, claim today that unarmed black Americans are in danger from police just because of conspiracy theories in the aftermath of Floyd’s unfortunate death.

Murray concluded politicians have used the Floyd story for two years to advance their radical ideas and cement their vote banks, without considering the dangerous consequences of their actions.