Non-binary Middle School Educator Advocates For Riots and Looting

A Maryland educator who supports Black Lives Matter acknowledged deliberately hiding her kids’ gender transitions.

The educator has a history of making extreme remarks, justifying the destruction and theft of private property. The district said on Monday that it was looking into the situation.

White Supremacy?

Per the school’s site, Lane Cogdill teaches at Silver Spring International Middle School in the Montgomery County School System District.

The instructor employs the pronouns “ze/zir,” “they/them,” and “he/him.” The district was contacted several times by Fox News Digital for comment on the statements, but they never returned their calls.

In 2020, Cogdill stated they had some ideas regarding the state of the world.

They emphasized this country was founded by black people and that as a history instructor who cared about racial justice, they kept seeing people say things like, “I understand demonstrating, but I don’t understand rioting and looting.”

Although the district said they were “looking into this,” they could not “speak further since it is a personnel concern,” according to Fox News Digital.

The teacher continued by saying our white Founding Fathers used the corpses of black people as actual cash to finance the American Revolution.

To them, if your ancestors established this nation, you have the right to “burn the motherf——r to the ground.”

They added that, furthermore, white people need to work on their viewpoint on this since it is, at best, inconsequential and, at worst, actively promotes white supremacy.

Hiding Children’s Genders??

The instructor claimed the district’s policies applied to all of their comments on a Fox News Digital piece. Cogdill advocated sharing numerous nonbinary identities with kids during their initial encounters and hiding gender changes.

Regarding whether instructors exposing their gender identification in their first interactions with children and disguising pupils’ transitions were part of the policy, Fox News Digital contacted the district, but did not immediately get a response.

According to Cogdill, when students inquire about their gender, the instructor will ask them for their name and pronouns and, if requested, will assist in concealment from school officials and parents.

The instructor went on to say they could not contemplate betraying the confidence of even one transgender or non-binary kid by disclosing information about their gender identity to anybody, let alone their parents, counselors, or administrators.

With the first step in a process known as “social transition,” transgender children may choose unique names and pronouns that they believe better reflect their gender identity.

Other aspects of the procedure may include modifying their clothing and getting hairstyles to express their preferred gender better.

Since the previous seven years, according to Cogdill, new students have been introducing themselves and outlining their identities when they first meet them.

Due to the fact Cogdill has numerous non-binary identities, their identification is complex.

They don’t identify as either a male or a woman, according to the teacher, who also indicated they identify as non-binary. Since they resemble both men and women differently, they identify as genderqueer and genderfluid.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.