New York’s Gov. Signs Sweeping Gun Control Legislation

On Friday night, Governor of New York Kathy Hochul (D) approved comprehensive gun legislation prohibiting the carrying of firearms in various sensitive sites, including Times Square and places of worship around the state. 

The stringent measure was passed barely one week after the Supreme Court threw away New York’s century-old concealed carry prohibitions.

Gun-Free Zones

The ruling handed down by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court invalidates restrictions placed on concealed carry permit holders. However, the decision does allow states to issue registration requirements for carrying a gun.

As a result of this decision, the majority in the Senate is moving forward with initiatives to tackle invalidated sections and combat possible implications this verdict could have on public safety. 

Times Square, houses of worship, bars, eateries, airports, parks, subway stations, trains, buses, homeless shelters, schools, libraries, zoos, public areas, museums, ferries, and personal property without the owner’s permission will be gun-free zones. 

In an appearance with Fox News, New York Republican state Senator Lee Zeldin (R-NY) expressed that Hochul was attacking law-abiding residents with the proposal. 

He stated what they are doing now with this action is aimed at law-abiding citizens of New York. He does not believe Democrats are making New York safer; instead, he believes they are making it less secure. 

Zeldin said they’re establishing these places as targets since, as a criminal, if you were to carry out one of your crimes of targeting somebody with an unlicensed gun, you know you’re likely to find less pushback.

That’s because only law-abiding residents worry about such regulations. 

Background Checks

New York, which Democrats dominate, recently passed legislation that included a clause requiring individuals applying for gun licenses to list their social media profiles.

This was done so the applicants’ “character and conduct” could be evaluated. In addition, the proposed regulations on where firearms can be carried came about simultaneously. 

Before she signed the bill, Hochul remarked that gun control measures exemplified everything it means to be an American. She then went on to sign the bill in appreciation of our holiday weekend celebrating the Fourth of July. 

Ramifications of gun laws on the Constitution have been raised as a concern by Republicans and proponents of gun rights. 

Nick Langworthy, chairman of the Republican Party in New York, referred to Hochul as a national embarrassment. 

It may be the beginning of the Independence Day weekend. Still, according to him, constitutional freedoms of New Yorkers have just been infringed upon by Hochul and her stooges in the legislature. He said this might be a fitting way to start the holiday weekend.

This legislation is nothing more than a political stunt that will make New Yorkers more vulnerable to danger.