New Yorkers Rapidly Leaving the City Over High Taxes and Housing Costs

Newly acquired data shows nearly 27% of all New Yorkers are looking forward to a future anywhere but in the city; whereas another 30% simply wish they wouldn’t have to live in New York.

From the lack of affordable housing to the city’s politics, the reasons for abandoning New York are many. It’s not surprising to find the most dissatisfied ones are those with a salary below $50,000, conservatives, and the black communities.

New Yorkers are abandoning ship

No matter how you look at it, the city had become far too woke for its own good. Mayor Adams has done little to prevent it from happening, as he’s been too busy attending the Met Gala and other luxurious events.

One teacher from the city, Bonnie Grubbs, believes that New York literally spit her and her family out; they found themselves priced out of bigger homes after they’d outgrown their current one on Clinton Hill.

Because of this, they were forced to move into a $3,000 rental, where they faced constant power outages and rodent infestations, some pretty standard stuff for a rental unit in New York honestly.

However, things would only get worse after the upstairs neighbor’s radiator pipe broke, leaving their entire apartment flooded with the ceiling caved in.

That was the last straw for Grubbs. She decided to move to San Antonio with her husband and children, where they’re staying with her family until they find a more permanent housing option.

New York is not a city to grow old in

Other families, however, feel the pressure of taxes is what made them leave New York.

We’ve got Carol Anderson, a 76-year-old woman, who no longer feels welcome in New York.

She spent 37 years living on Upper East Side, but she only recently noticed that her maintenance had gone up by an entire 10%. When she paired that with her mortgage payments and parking fees, the numbers weren’t looking up for her.

She moved to New Orleans soon after, where she’s now paying slightly over $2,200 in maintenance fees for her small condo.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.