New Discovery by House Oversight Committee Looks Bad For Biden

Right now, House Republicans are in the middle of a lengthy investigation into Joe Biden and his family. The ultimate purpose of this investigation is to figure out whether or not the Bidens broke the law and illegally gained from the time Biden worked as vice president.

So far, the House Oversight Committee maintains that the current president and his son did, in fact, break laws. Likewise, several other members of the Biden family are being implicated as well.

In the midst of this, yet another development has come out and it’s certainly not looking good for the current president or his relatives, according to the New York Post.

The Latest Findings

Days ago, the House Oversight Committee revealed that Biden’s family pocketed a grand $1 million from a businessman in Romania who was openly corrupt and on the take. Meanwhile, then-Vice President Biden was talking about the need to get rid of corrupt practices that were present in Romania.

Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, confirmed that he and other GOP members are going to figure out the exact extent of the Bidens’ involvement in this corruption.

The congressman also revealed the country has never before witnessed a family close to the president pocket these significant wads of cash. Comer then stressed that for Biden and his family to deal with foreign nations in this manner threatens to compromise the security of the United States.

Finally, the House Oversight Committee chairman stressed that Hunter Biden lacked the charisma and wherewithal to close major, million-dollar deals with multiple foreign nations, free of corruption.

More to Come?

It’s worth noting that all these findings from the House Oversight Committee are emerging as Biden’s family hasn’t even been under investigation for very long.

These discoveries of multiple Biden relatives being involved, to a corrupt Romanian businessman being in on the action, beg to question what else has yet to come to light.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.