Nancy Pelosi Has Demons ‘Expelled’ from Her House

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resorted to the services of a Catholic priest who performed an “exorcism” to “expel demons” from her family home in San Francisco, which got invaded by a mental patient in the fall.

Home Invasion ‘Really Broke Her’

In October, Pelosi’s family home in San Francisco was broken into by 44-year-old illegal Canadian immigrant David DePape, who ended up fracturing her 82-year-old husband, multimillionaire Paul Pelosi, with a hammer. 

Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, DC, during the attack. DePape has since pleaded not guilty to numerous federal and state charges, such as attempted murder and assault. 

When he broke into the Pelosis’ house, the illegal immigrant with a history of mental health problems had the intention to kidnap the then-House Speaker and interrogate her. 

Following the violent attack on her husband in their bedroom, Nancy Pelosi has had a priest carry out an exorcism, the couple’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi revealed in an interview with the New York Times cited by The National Catholic Register. 

The daughter told NYT columnist Maureen Dowd that the exorcism was performed during Thanksgiving; her mother seemed to feel “really guilty” about what happened to her husband since the attacker was looking for her.

As the home invasion “really broke her,” Nancy Pelosi had the priests do prayer services inside the home. Pelosi herself has told The New York Times that she couldn’t even imagine her family home becoming a “crime scene.”

She also said her husband’s recovery from the attack would take another “three or four” months.

Nancy’s Soul Endangered by Abortion, but She Has Exorcism

The report quotes Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, the exorcist for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Washington, who stated any priest could perform services to “expel demons” from a home.

Rossetti, a research Assoc. Prof. at the Catholic University of America, noted, however, that a priest asked to perform exorcism had to get his bishop’s permission first.

He also advised that priests expelling demons from a particular place were obliged to protect the confidentiality of those who asked them to do it.

The Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of San Francisco, where Pelosi and her family reside, was quoted as saying it had been “unaware” that exorcism was performed at her home.

The archdiocese’s communications and media director, Peter Marlow, said the church respected the privacy of those families with “exorcisms and house blessings” performed.

He stated “minor exorcisms,” as opposed to “a major exorcism,” could be performed wherever there was “any demonic influence” in a specific place or over certain things.

According to Msgr. Rossette, performing an exorcism for a place, is used in cases of “a demonic infestation,” that is, when a place has seen “evil actions.”

Those include homicides, abortions, drug dealing, child abuse, sex trafficking, Satanism, witchcraft, and so on.

The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, previously asked people to pray for Paul Pelosi’s quick recovery. However, Cordileone is also the Catholic Church prelate who has scolded Pelosi for her adamant support for abortion.

He said her backing for abortion endangered her own soul and was scandalous.