Music Axed in Schools for Promoting ‘White Supremacy’

The abominations of wokeism are already getting rapidly put into practice by vile leftists, as demonstrated by a school district in Washington state. It is axing music classes for being “racist” and “white supremacist.”

Sorry, Fourth Graders! No Band for You

Up until recently, Democrats were only making idiotic claims as part of their vicious ideology and religion – for instance, that “math is racist” and “nature is racist.”

Up until a few years ago, it was relatively easy to dismiss those as some kind of lunacy, but for a while now, Marxist-Communists have been implementing that insanity wherever they can across this nation.

They are becoming more and more aggressive in imposing their notions on American communities that allow it, especially if they face little or no resistance.

For instance, the Olympia School District in Washington state is now moving to abandon music classes because they are supposedly pushing “white supremacy,” New York Post reported.

Thus, last week, the Olympia School District voted to ax strings and band for 4th grade students. While the district has a budget deficit of $11.5 million and is seeking to save money, apparently the more decisive argument for killing the music classes was to “fight racism.”

The board members agreed that music classes promote “significant institutional violence” as well as “white supremacy culture.”

‘Excellence is Exclusionary. Let’s Kill It!’

According to the board’s director, Scott Clifthorne, students in some schools miss “core instruction” in order to go to music classes Music classes themselves were “unevenly distributed” throughout the district. His solution: ax them!

Clifthorne claimed that his district was “entrenched” and encircled by white supremacy and people in the community felt a “tradition of excellence” was “exclusionary.”

His moronic comments were followed by a spokesperson’s statement claiming they axed only this small, insignificant thing; there were other music classes, and so on and so forth. Such justifications are typical for the salami tactics the left is so known for.

The development naturally angered decent American parents who live in the district, with Alesha Perkins, who has three children in the district, telling Fox News the authorities have reached new levels of “absurdity.”

Chances are, though, that such absurdities will only be becoming greater and graver in Democrat-run communities nationwide.