Multiple Police Groups Employ Legal Action to Reveal Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

Back in March, transgender shooter Audrey Hale opened fire at a Nashville, Tennessee school for Christians. The result was the loss of six lives, including three kids. Now, over a month after the tragedy, Americans are still waiting on access to the shooter’s manifesto.

So far, the authorities appear to be dragging their feet on this. The official story is that things have to go through the proper channels before the manifesto is able to be released.

However, as time passes, more and more folks understandably have their doubts about this explanation. There’s a perception that the powers that be are ultimately holding things up and intentionally trying to conceal the shooter’s manifesto from the public.

According to Fox News, multiple groups, including the National Police Association, are now employing legal action to get the manifesto out to the public.

A New Turn of Events

Davidson County and Nashville, Tennessee are both being sued by the National Police Association, along with others, to get the manifesto out and available for public consumption.

As part of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are furthermore pushing for the Nashville Police Department to be transparent with various correspondences it’s engaged in pertaining to this infamous manifesto.

In response to the lawsuit, the city of Nashville alleged that it wants the court to permit the various families of the victims to weigh in on whether they believe this manifesto should be available for public consumption.

It Continues

At this rate, many Americans feel the manifesto is being intentionally kept under wraps because its content could confirm some theories that certain folks may not care for.

One of those theories is the shooting was ultimately a hate crime designed to target Christians. This is actually one of the most popular views to date. Continuous pushback against allowing people to see this manifest isn’t putting concerns to bed, either.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.