Missouri Sees Major Miscarriage of Justice

In so many US cities, crime has gotten completely out of control. Though this is ultimately the end result of Democrats choosing to be soft on criminals and provide cover for them.

We’ve all seen this with Democrats watering down bail laws, reducing funding for local police departments, and otherwise making law enforcement less attainable. Some leaders, amid the rising crime spree, pumped the breaks on these measures, but they can’t undo the damage.

Now, yet another major miscarriage of justice pertaining to crime has taken place.

This time, it deals with circuit attorney Kim Gardner in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the Gateway Pundit, one of Gardner’s major donors is none other than liberal billionaire George Soros.

Gardner Drops the Ball Big Time

In quite a shocking case, the circuit attorney’s prosecutor was a total no-show for a murder case involving Jonathon Jones. Because the prosecutor under Gardner didn’t appear before court, Jones has been cut loose, with his attorney seeking to dismiss the case against him altogether.

The St. Louis circuit attorney has therefore been ordered by a judge to explain herself. There’s a real possibility that contempt of court charges and other problems could be coming her way.

There is no telling what Jones is going to do now that he’s been released. There could very well be more crimes committed by his hand, crimes that would have been prevented if Gardner’s prosecutor decided to show up in court.

Dangerous Times in America

This country is already struggling enough with lawlessness and criminals who feel emboldened to hurt others. It’s hence very dangerous to have a situation where those who are supposed to uphold the criminal justice system choose not to do their jobs.

Unfortunately, this is a pattern with various district attorneys, circuit attorneys, and others who’ve gotten into power on the dime of Soros.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.