Military Scientist Tricked Contractor to Hire Prostitute For a Technical Role

A senior scientist working in the US military allegedly tricked a government contractor to hire a prostitute for a technical job.

The prostitute then served various scientists in the military, where she kept on earning a staggering amount of money, apart from her highly paid job.

Scientist Helps Prostitute Get Paid With Taxpayer’s Money

According to a search warrant released by the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Dr. James Gord, a scientist working on advanced propulsion technologies, helped a 32-year-old prostitute to get a $400 per hour job at an engineering firm.

This job was paid by the government.

The federal investigators found that Gord convinced a contractor named Sukesh Roy, the chief executive of Spectral Energies, to hire the prostitute in 2017.

Reportedly, Roy asked Gord if he was looking to hire an administrative technician for his company. On this, Gord said he knew a “young professional” who impressed him with the way “she presented herself.”

So, Gord told Roy that the girl would be a “good fit” for the company, adding that she had a biochemistry degree and was certified in EMT.

While Gord kept on insisting Roy hire the girl by emphasizing her technical expertise, he ended up telling Roy, “she’s also really hot.”

Although Roy hired the lady on Gord’s recommendation, he started becoming fed up with her, due to her lack of ability to do simple jobs.

The warrant suggested the girl also failed to provide her transcript to her new employer, despite repetitive requests.

Military Scientists Got the Services of the Sex Worker

Afterward, Roy confronted Gord about the unskilled lady.

Gord admitted she was “a prostitute he met in Cincinnati.” Furthermore, Gord also revealed an Excel spreadsheet to Roy with the details of all the sex workers he met during his official trips across the country.

As per the warrant, one scientist paid the girl almost $20,000 per year for oral sex and cleaning his residence in the nude.

Even when Gord confessed that he tricked Roy, he still urged Roy to involve the women more deeply in his firm’s research work.

However, Roy retaliated against the scientist and asked him to “cease all contact” with the woman. On this, Gord threatened the contractor.

While Roy wanted to fire the prostitute immediately, his lawyer told him not to do it before the completion of the one-year job period to avoid any legal liability.

After ten months, the prostitute resigned and joined Roy’s major competitor, Innovative Scientific Solutions Incorporated (ISSI).

This urged Gord to scale back a $250,000 grant of Spectral Energies and give a $150,000 contract to ISSI and a new $100,000 contract to Spectral Energies.

When Roy saw the behavior of Gord, he reached out to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and complained about Gord’s “unethical government contract negotiation” and his threat of violence.

Eventually, AFOSI agents raided Gord’s office in 2019 and found several condoms, a bottle of Viagra, and women’s underwear. Gord died in September last year.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.