Migration Crisis: Kamala Harris Met Virtually with Mexican President 

A virtual meeting was held between Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Vice President Kamala Harris while she worked as President Biden’s migration advisor.

The meeting was made in preparation for Biden’s trip to Southern America. 

During this meeting, Harris made comments, stating Mexico is one of America’s closest neighbors. She added Mexico and the United States of America should fight corruption, impunity, and violence together.

Harris also added it is in America’s mutual interest to extend immediate relief to the countries in the Northern Triangle.

In addition to this, Harris again mentioned the “root causes” of the crisis in immigration that had to be addressed.

According to Harris, most people do not want to leave their home country.

When they do, it is usually because they are attempting to flee harm or they were forced to leave the country since it does not offer opportunities for them.

Harris also mentioned an “alarming” amount of immigrants crossing the borders could not be fixed without addressing the corruption in their home countries. 

Mexican President Sharply Criticized the USA

It should be noted that hours before the Mexican President met with the US vice president, he sharply criticized America for providing aid to a group in Mexico. 

Lopez Obrador singled out the funding that the US made to a non-government organization in Mexico that was allegedly made to fight against corruption.

The NGO frequently criticized the administration of the Mexican president and serves as a voice of opposition. 

Despite the criticism that the US received, the Biden administration kept on relying on humanitarian groups and non-governmental anti-corruption organizations.

The move was made as part of a “wider strategy” in Central America particularly in Mexico, in order to recreate a “civil society.”

According to the Biden administration, rebuilding civil society in these parts of the world will discourage families and children from attempting to take the dangerous journey of traveling from Central America to the United States.

Harris Fails as Lead Democrat on Migration Crisis

On the other hand, with the number of illegal immigrants crossing the US border at its top 20-year high, Harris has been receiving heavy criticism from Republicans.

However, the White House was quick to defend the vice president, stating her task was only to tackle the “root causes” of the crisis, instead of border enforcement. 

Since receiving criticism from Republicans, Harris allegedly moved to “fill” her schedule with more agendas related to migration. 

Republicans are blaming the Biden administration for the record-breaking numbers of illegal crossings of US borders.

According to them, the Biden administration’s bad policy changes, such as allowing illegals to become citizens of America, further pushed the migration crisis to alarming levels.