Michigan School Employee That Promoted LGBT-related Lessons Now Arrested For Pedophilia

"Alcatraz Prison" by Alexander C. Kafka

Once again, a school employee who went a bit too “gung ho” on pushing for LGBT inclusion in their school’s lessons is caught red-handed, this time on charges of pedophilia.

This isn’t even that uncommon in the community, at this point.

The employee in question, 41-year-old Eric Rohman, was arrested during Isabella County Sheriff’s Office sting operation. This led to two more child predators being detained, all of them found in a single, undisclosed location.

“No school today!” by Michael

The G stands for “groomers”

The three men were found using a computer to accost minors for various immoral purposes.

An additional investigation into the case showed all three men possessed social media accounts where they posed as minors to lure in their victims.

While it’s unclear what Rohman’s position at Mt. Pleasant school is, he clearly stated he’s tasked with a role that allows him access to children. This was purposely left out in the left-leaning reports of this disgusting case.

It was found that Rohman was the driving force behind the school’s LGBT agenda, even taunting some parents for refusing to have their children be educated on the matter.

This, considering his unhealthy affection for kids, was probably the right call from the parent body.

Of course, Rohman did his best to secure himself from the disdain of the crowd, labeling himself as a vaccinated LGBTQ member, while also wearing a BLM shirt, making sure just about anyone who dares speak against him is “canceled” for all the wrong reasons.

LGBT continues attempts at normalizing pedophilia

During his speech at the school’s panel, Rohman claimed the school’s kids were “hungry” for knowledge about the LGBTQ community, adding they’ll learn it eventually, one way or the other.

With the added context of Rohman being a child diddler, this last sentence takes on an entirely different meaning.

Perhaps the parents walking out when he started taunting them should have had a more appropriate response to such claims from a child predator.

Rohman clearly hoped the kids at the school would join his LGBTQ community. This is practically the most common way pedophiles begin to groom their victims, as we’ve seen countless times before.

Over the years, the LGBTQ community pumped out hundreds of agendas regarding pedophilia. Save for a few members who actually look down on these monsters, the community continues to show support for child predators.

Not too long ago, a university professor even published a book on how pedophiles could be integrated into society through provisions of child pornography to “ease” their sexual urges.

This was met with severe backlash from both the university’s students and educator body, as well as Twitter.

Thankfully, the “woke” left has yet to succeed in normalizing pedophilic behavior. As long as that’s the case, people like Rohman are bound to get what’s coming for them in the carceral facility they’re eventually appointed to.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.