Mayorkas Lost Track of 85K Migrant Children!

Similar to his previous efforts regarding the topic, during the latest Senate hearing on Tuesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refused to clarify why it is that child exploitation reached record highs under his watch.

On top of this, he failed to address the issue of more than 85,000 missing migrant children, most of which are now being exploited for work in US meat processing facilities or farms.

Mayorkas can’t explain why child exploitation skyrocketed under his watch

Ever since 2021 kicked off, around 345,000 unaccompanied minors were let into the US via the southwest border; the DHS often releases these children to “sponsors” which forces them into employment or sexual exploitation.

At times, dozens of these unaccompanied children were sent off to the same unvetted sponsor, never to be seen again. Mayorkas is either completely oblivious to this or he’s orchestrating it himself.

A bunch of these kids end up working in unforgiving workplaces and shifts, repairing roofs, operating machinery, and doing dangerous work in slaughterhouses. Some of them already have severe injuries.

This goes against the child labor laws in the US. What’s more, the Biden administration is enabling it. That makes one wonder if that’s why Joe refused to do anything about the border situation from the very start.

The children deserve better

Florida didn’t shy away from accusing Biden of these gruesome acts, claiming the administration’s actions have facilitated forced migration, trafficking, and abuse of these unaccompanied children.

Ashley Moody, the Florida attorney general pursuing the case, explained most of these “sponsors” fail to provide a background check.

Yet, they’re allowed to take on dozens of UACs at a time. One of them was even found to have been in state prison for battery on a child before he’d even become a sponsor.

There are few things that would disqualify these so-called sponsors; we’re yet to find one that the Biden administration actually investigated prior to approval.

During the hearing, Mayorkas claimed he’d been unaware of the number of UACs being released into the US, despite previously claiming the department is fully dedicated to protecting the children in question.

Senator Josh Hawley pressed on, demanding Mayorkas admit his involvement in the child exploitation that’s been happening, but with no results.

Despite being presented with data outlining exactly when child exploitation in the US skyrocketed (that being from the moment Mayorkas came into office), the DHS secretary denied his policies have anything to do with the spike.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.