Marjorie Taylor Greene Revives Hunter Biden Laptop Case With New Threats

The Hunter Biden laptop story has definitely shaken up the libs, who were adamant about defending the Biden family from the near-infinite onslaught of accusations against them.

In fact, Joe’s son Hunter singlehandedly sent the Biden family’s reputation down the drain; whether it’s the shady wire transfers he’d been involved in or the thousands of incriminating photographs and messages restored from his broken laptop.

Hunter’s got his work cut out for him

This time, however, the House Oversight Committee is looking into the possibility of bringing some of the sex workers documented on his computer to testify against Hunter before Congress.

This is bound to rustle the jimmies of Sleepy Joe and his prodigal son.

Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke up on the possibility of bringing in some of the women found on Hunter’s laptop for questioning. She claims as long as there’s any credible reason for them to be brought before the oversight committee, it will happen.

In fact, Greene is one of the few members of the committee with the authorization to view the reports of suspicious activity coming from the Bidens’ bank accounts. This applies to every Biden currently in the family, not just Joe and Hunter.

Greene also added the majority of the women in the pictures are known to be part of prostitution or sex trafficking rings, which could put a number of different charges on Hunter as well.

Was Hunter fornicating with foreign spies?

The MAGA warrior continued, claiming to bring in the prostitutes from Russia and Ukraine that Hunter spent time with should be our utmost priority, as their whereabouts and movement in the US remain unknown.

There’s no telling where Hunter could’ve brought them. The possibility of them entering the White House way back when Joe was only VP is dangerously high, seeing as it is Joe’s crackhead son we’re talking about here.

One of the women Hunter engaged in sexual acts with could’ve easily been a foreign spy. We all know just how easy it would’ve been for Hunter to compromise extremely sensitive information that he was supposed to keep under wraps.

While we’re on the topic of keeping things under wraps, don’t be surprised to see this whole thing just vanish into thin air. Joe is eventually going to get Hunter out of it and the next day, we’ll all be wondering if it even happened.

The amount of lies that have been crafted specifically to keep a 53-year-old crack addict out of jail is astounding. If you consider that crack addict is our very liberal president’s son, you can understand why everyone thinks the Democrat Party is a joke.

No legal process can be started against a current president, but one would assume Joe would at least put his son in line, even for a few weeks.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.