MAGA Movement in Trouble After the Latest Decision From SCOTUS

In an order handed down on Tuesday, the US Supreme Court issued a statement, confirming they will not be intervening in the release of former President Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

This is made worse by the fact there are still more than a few weeks until the start of the 118th Congress in January next year. Until then, it’ll still be under the control of the Democrats.

Supreme Court takes Democrats’ side, releases Trump’s tax returns to House

The aforementioned order came immediately after Trump demanded the Supreme Court blocks his tax returns from being obtained by House Democrats.

This was following his failure to prevail at an appeals court that ruled the filings to be turned over to the Ways and Means Committee.

As per the SCOTUS blog, there is no real reason behind the order. It has a complete lack of dissent among the nine justices, including the three appointed by former President Trump himself, those being Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

However, this doesn’t indicate their stance on the reasoning. We still don’t know how any of the justices voted on the matter.

The order will effectively allow the IRS to send around six years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns to Democrats on the W&M Committee, who have been fighting for it for the past three years.

Pulling up a 100-year-old legislature

All of the committee’s claims are based on a 100-year-old law from the 1920s. This allows congressional leaders to request tax info for any taxpayer in the country, with a statute demanding that current and former presidents be included.

However, Trump’s lawyers argued the House panel lacks a legitimate purpose for the request, adding it’s more likely than not that their intentions are of a political nature.

This development is bound to become the focal point for Trump’s opponents in the upcoming presidential election cycle that he kicked off. It was barely a week ago when he announced his intent to return to the Oval Office in 2024.

Despite how the left may try to spin the story, it’s obvious this move had nothing more than blatant political motivation behind it. After all, the left has gone above and beyond to undermine Trump previously; they won’t shy away from doing it again.

The 45th president managed to stave off hordes of haters and fake news propagators for an entire term, only to be kicked out of the White House in quite an unceremonial fashion.

It’s even more strange that no one is requesting a deep dive into Biden’s tax returns, especially seeing as his involvement in Hunter’s shady projects over the years has been revealed, but that’s not exactly a surprise either…is it?

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.