Liz Cheney Campaign Conducting Outreach to Wyoming Democrats

Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is in for a tough re-election.

The congresswoman fell out of favor with the Republican Party last year after her activism against Trump and warnings about the dangers he poses.

Even moderate Republicans expressed concerns that Cheney was more focused on taking down Trump than on helping to move forward the Republican Party at large.

Currently, the Wyoming Republican is running in a primary election against challenger Harriet Hageman. Thus far, Hageman leads Cheney by nearly 30 points in the polls.

This has prompted the incumbent congresswoman to have her campaign perform outreach initiatives to Wyoming Democrats as a means of surviving this primary, per Breitbart News.

Reviewing Cheney’s Outreach to Wyoming Democrats

In flyers to Wyoming Democrats, Cheney’s campaign laid out instructions for them to switch to the Wyoming GOP in order to cast a vote for her in the state’s primary election.

Wyoming Democrat Party chairman Joseph Barbuto has even gotten this mail from Cheney’s campaign. However, Barbuto does not believe this will do the Republican much good.

According to Barbuto, he doesn’t think this tactic is going to aid Cheney in winning her primary election.

Due to the massive voter registration advantage Wyoming Republicans have over Wyoming Democrats, the chairman of the latter says every single Democratic voter in the state wouldn’t be able to save Cheney from losing her primary.

Previously, Cheney stated she would not seek out votes from Democrats in order to secure her primary election. However, that seems to have changed, considering where Hageman stands in the polls against her.

Backlash Against This Latest Move

Republicans have slammed Cheney for seeking out the votes of Wyoming Democrats, especially since it’s something she previously committed not to do.

In light of this, many conservatives have taken to social media, opining that Cheney should simply swing parties and join the Democrats, rather than still calling herself a Republican.

Other critics say that for Cheney to solicit the votes of Democrats in her state is a true sign of desperation. With weeks until her primary election ends, the 28 point lead that her opponent holds in the polls is not a joke.

Many Republicans have been furthermore angered by Cheney’s participation in the January 6 committee. It’s a body that’s widely viewed as partisan and not truly serious about exploring all angles of the Capitol riot in 2021.

In the meantime, Cheney’s re-election chances in Wyoming appear grim, all things considered.

What do you think about Liz Cheney trying to secure votes from the Democrat Party? Do you think this is going to help her avoid being primaried in August? Don’t hold back your thoughts about this latest news down below in the comments field.