Lindsey Graham: Killing Putin is the Only Way to End the Crisis

The world is done with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as now business folks and American lawmakers see only killing Putin will solve the crisis.

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham stated assassinating Putin is the only way out of the war, while a Russian businessman put a bounty of $1 million on Putin’s head.

Killing Putin is the only way to end the war

As Vladimir Putin continues ramping up war crimes in Ukraine by mercilessly killing civilians, Lindsey Graham encouraged Russians to step up and kill President Putin to get rid of the war.

Graham noted somebody has to step up in Russia to do this, asking if there is someone like Brutus in Russia.

Marcus Junius Brutus was a Roman politician who killed a dictator named Julius Caesar. Likewise, he asked Russians if there was anybody like Stauffenberg amongst them who could take up this responsibility.

Stauffenberg was a military officer who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler.


The lawmaker continued, saying if somebody signs up for this job, it would be a great service, not only to Russia, but also to the whole world.

Similarly, Graham suggested if Russian people do not step up for this, they will risk their own lives, as they have to live isolated from the rest of the world. 

Even though Graham faced bipartisan backlash over these remarks, he stood by his comments and reiterated them. After receiving criticism, Graham once again encouraged Russia to step up and get the job done for a better world.

Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, called these comments “criminal,” however Graham stated the ambassador is supporting a war criminal.

The US lawmaker also wants to see the Russian president and military leaders getting tried for perpetrating war crimes in Ukraine.

Russian businessman put $1 million bounty on Putin’s head

Meanwhile, a Russian businessman holds the same opinion regarding Putin.

Alex Konanykhin, a California-based Russian businessman, put a bounty of $1 million on Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

He promised to pay the amount of money to Russian military officers who comply with both international and Russian laws and bring Putin to justice.

Although the businessman initially said he wanted Putin either dead or alive, he seemed to change his statement later on, as Facebook took down his post.

Konanykhin stated later he is not encouraging any random Russian to kill the president; however, he wants to see Putin getting on trial so that justice can be served.

The businessman also stated for years, Putin has been playing around with sanctions imposed by the western world; therefore, he knows how to get away with these sanctions. He is currently in political asylum in the United States.

Since Russia captured Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, concerns about a nuclear disaster are mounting in the world at a time when Russia already put its nuclear forces on high alert.