Liberals Want Ukrainian Refugees to Come to America

Former President Trump ridiculed Joe Biden for Russian aggression against Ukraine.

While mocking Biden’s meager sanctions against Russia, Trump noted Russia managed to get away with it because Russia is facing “$2 worth” of sanctions.

Biden failed to deter Russia from invading Ukraine

Trump claimed Biden is clueless at the moment, hence the very reason why people laugh at the United States. According to Trump, China will act along the same lines to invade its neighbor Taiwan, once it sees the inability of the Biden administration.

Blaming Biden as the main reason for the Russian attack, Trump noted Putin was going to be satisfied with peace, which is not happening in the world right now, due to the stupidity of the incumbent administration.

Republican lawmakers, in general, have embraced a strong position against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy called the invasion “reckless and evil,” adding this act is intended to rewrite history as Putin looks forward to disturbing the global balance.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed the Biden administration for the mounting foreign policy crisis.

McConnell suggested when Biden decided to pull out troops from Afghanistan, it gave a message to the global dictators they could pursue their ambitions unchecked.

Even Democrat lawmakers think Biden is undermining the power of sanctions against Russia. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez stated Biden should take a further course of action in order to really make Putin accountable.

Liberals want Ukraine war refugees to come to America

Meanwhile, liberal groups started calling Biden to welcome Ukrainians fleeing the war into the United States.

President of the Northwestern affiliate of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, David Duea, stated currently, it is the “moral imperative” of Americans to open up their arms for people exiting Ukraine in big numbers.

However, there are rising concerns within Washington this may not turn out to be a good idea.

Reportedly, the American refugee system is already being pushed to its limits since the chaotic withdrawal of the Biden administration from Afghanistan.

America is trying to absorb over 70,000 Afghan refugees who came to the United States, after fleeing the Taliban’s rule.

Nine refugee groups mandated for the resettling of Afghan refugees in America are already struggling to locate Afghans released from the US military bases in recent weeks.

Thus, resettling Ukrainians can further strain American resources.


As Biden’s sanctions failed to deter Putin from invading Ukraine, the president is also trying to defend his chain of decisions.

Biden asserted nobody thought the sanctions could act quickly, so it will take time before they start showing their results.

Reportedly, Biden is trying to financially isolate Russian banking systems to convince Putin that invading Ukraine is not a good option.