Liberal Logic: Constitution Does Not Authorize Americans to Own Weapons

A left-leaning media outlet, MSNBC, is giving airtime to commentators who believe the Constitution does not grant Americans the right to own guns.

According to a comedian cum journalist Dean Obeidallah, the Supreme Court, not the Constitution, gave people the right to acquire firearms.

Liberals Trying to Rewrite American Constitution

Americans’ right to self-defense is under threat once again after the mass shooting in a Texas school.

This encouraged the liberal media to play their part as well in denouncing the much-needed right of Americans.

So, Dean Obeidallah claimed a “cravenly political” Supreme Court gave this right to Americans at a time when the Constitution had no place for this.

While talking about the possibility of anti-gun laws, he asserted the 2008 Supreme Court decision in the District of Columbia vs. Heller case is the roadblock to such progressive laws.

In that case, he continued, the Supreme Court “essentially rewrote” the gun rights under the Second Amendment.

Obeidallh claimed the US Constitution did not give this right to the people until 2008 when the court decided to codify these rights into the Constitution. 


The liberal commentator also noted James Madison was the man behind the enactment of the Second Amendment, adding he did not mention the right to possess arms in his 1789 Constitutional Convention notes.

He further claimed the Framers of the Constitution would have made the Second Amendment the reflection of the First Amendment, had they wanted to give Americans the right to own weapons.

Obeidallah Asked Supreme Court to Curtail Gun Rights

Obeidallah also gave his self-made recommendations to control gun violence. According to him, the Supreme Court should overturn the Heller decision, which would overturn gun rights as well.

Furthermore, he claimed the “GOP-controlled” Supreme Court is a major roadblock in overturning the Heller case.

The Second Amendment, according to the author, just wanted to give “militia” the right to bear arms, so the Heller was a “political decision” by the top court.

These comments of Obeidallah take progressives’ remarks about gun rights to a whole new level. Most of the time, even the far-left does not claim the right to own guns is not given by the Constitution.

In contrast to Obeidallah’s claims, the Second Amendment to the Constitution clearly outlines the right to own arms.

It is explicitly mentioned in the Constitution that the right of people to “keep and bear arms” should not be curtailed at all.

After the mass shooting in Texas, pro-gun individuals are the recipient of liberals’ criticism.

Many far-left entities even asked to repeal the Second Amendment, claiming the presence of firearms in society is the major cause of mass shootings.

However, subsequent investigations have established these claims are bogus to their core.