Liberal Prosecutors Revolt Against Woke Criminal Reforms in IIllinois

The liberal government of Illinois is introducing a lenient criminal justice system that would release almost all dangerous criminals.

New Illinois law is so dangerous that even liberal prosecutors have started bashing the state government for destroying the criminal justice system.

Illinois Liberal Governor Ready to Destroy Criminal Justice System

Last year, the Democratic governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, signed a law to change the criminal justice system of the state.

The law named, Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today (SAFE-T) Act, sought to eliminate cash bail while limiting the authorities of judges on whether the suspect is a flight risk or not.

Under the new Illinois law, suspects charged with second-degree murder, carjacking, drug offenses, aggravated assault, and arson will only be detained if they are a flight risk or public safety risk.

Likewise, the Illinois law will discourage prosecutors from charging people who are on electronic monitoring, before 48 hours, if they leave their house without notifying law enforcement.

In addition to that, police will receive more training in Illinois without any additional funding. However, liberal prosecutors are aiming to stop the governor from implementing the law, which is supposed to go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Liberals Revolt Against the Woke Criminal Justice System

According to James Glasgow, who is the Arizona attorney for Will County, he has been serving as a lawyer for more than 40 years, but never saw this type of criminal justice law.

Glasgow further asserted the state government wants to destroy the justice system of Illinois using these types of laws, but he will not let this happen.

So, Glasgow will sue the state government to prevent them from enforcing the law starting the next year. Reportedly, more than 100 state attorneys in Illinois belonging to both political parties are joining Glasgow to sue the government over the new criminal justice law.

Glasgow established the Illinois governor raised the standards to detain potential criminals to unrealistic extents, which would eventually help criminals to roam free.

Likewise, Glasgow noted 600 criminals are currently present in Will County jail. Nearly half of them will be released on the day of the enforcement of new state laws. The remaining half will be out in the streets within three months, Glasgow added.

As per Glasgow, no government has ever tried to pass pro-criminal laws that would release every criminal, as it is just a suicidal move.

Similarly, Glasgow mentioned state prosecutors are forced to take cases within 90 days, or the suspect would be released.

Though it is virtually impossible to pursue all cases within three months, due to the increasing number of crimes and the complexity of cases, Glasgow continued.

While Glasgow established he is not against bail reforms, these reforms need to be done carefully without allowing an increase in criminal activities.

Illinois’ new pro-criminal laws come at a time when many big businesses are already leaving the state, due to rising crime.