Liberal Media’s Criminal Silence in Hunter Biden’s Case

Hunter Biden made headlines for his controversial laptop story, recently.

However, many liberal media channels did not even mention the name of the president’s son at a time when he was navigating troubled waters.

Liberal Media Channels Observing Criminal Silence

Morning and evening newscasts of many liberal media outlets, including CBS, NBC, and ABC News, did not mention Hunter Biden’s name in the last 259 days.

His multiple scandals came into the spotlight during this period.

Scott Whitlock, a research director at the Media Research Center (MRC), revealed the shocking statistics. According to him, these media channels mentioned the name of Hunter Biden last on July 12, 2021.

Even though the son of the president has been the subject of repetitive scandals, he’s been managing to get away with his controversial financial dealings easily.

He was talking about the much-hyped programs on these media channels, including “World News Tonight” on CBS, “Good Morning America” on ABC, “CBS Evening News”, and “NBC Nightly News” on NBC News.

Even the liberal media channels which mentioned Hunter’s story tried to bury it under other news stuff.

The New York Times, for instance, wrote just a few sentences about Hunter’s laptop in a news story that consisted of over 20 paragraphs related to other investigations against Hunter Biden.

These liberal media networks were not the only ones that refused to entertain anti-Hunter news. When the New York Post started raising this issue back in 2020, Twitter was standing firm with mainstream media in censoring the story.

The content of Hunter Biden’s laptop included some important financial dealings, emails, photographs, and text messages, regarding his business relationship with a Ukrainian energy company.

Thus, Whitlock noted since the New York Times has confirmed Hunter Biden’s story is real, these far-left media channels are still observing criminal silence.

Liberal Author Busted Mainstream Media

A recent op-ed in the Washington Post by liberal writer Megan McArdle busted the hypocrisy of liberal media outlets for the disinformation campaign in the Hunter Biden case. 

According to the author, Twitter blocked The New York Post account for sharing the “hacked materials.” Facebook de-ranked the story in its news feed algorithms. 

However, when the news of the Trump taxes scandal went viral before the presidential election of 2020, Twitter did not take any action, even though that information was also hacked.

Similarly, the author continued, the liberal media did not refrain from speculating against Trump’s connections with Russia. It managed to launch a whole smear campaign without having solid evidence.

However, when the victim of these sorts of stories was Joe Biden, the mainstream media did not campaign against him.

While suggesting the possible remedies for this contradictory behavior, McArdle stated the left-wing media has to recalibrate itself, as it is getting more untrustworthy with each passing day.