Liberal Media Downplayed Hunter Biden’s Scandal

When Hunter Biden’s laptop story came under the spotlight before the 2020 presidential election, liberal media channels downplayed it.

Now, they are acknowledging the story was actually true.

Hunter Biden is Badly Exposed

According to the New York Times report, which looked into the Justice Department inquiry of Hunter Biden closely, Biden’s son “paid off a significant tax liability.”

The actual investigations were started under the Obama administration when Hunter’s father was the vice president.

However, the scope of these investigations widened under the Trump administration in 2018, as Hunter Biden was suspected of criminal tax violations.

As per the New York Times, some people who were familiar with the matter stated the prosecutors were facing some hurdles in bringing criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

A small portion of the Times article discussed the leaked emails of Hunter Biden from a laptop he abandoned at a repair shop in Delaware.

Liberal Media Eating Its Words on Hunter Biden Story

Investigations have also revealed the emails exchanged between Hunter Biden and his business partners overseas were checked by the prosecutors.

Thus, the Times wrote, those emails were authenticated by people familiar with the matter. Back then, the New York Times wrote the Trump administration was deliberately orchestrating the case.

The newspaper also mentioned the case was the conspiracy of Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, who was backed by Russia, to defame Hunter Biden.

Another media network, Politico, tried to debunk the so-called “Russian disinformation,” further stating many intelligence officers are busting the theory against Biden’s son.

Natasha Bertrand, who is now a CNN reporter, highlighted a report which was allegedly signed by over “50 former senior intelligence officials.”

According to that report, the news regarding Hunter Biden’s emails had everything which led to the fact it was a Russian disinformation campaign.

The letter was backed by much of the liberal media; the narrative was built that Russia was colluding against Hunter Biden and hence Joe Biden’s election campaign also.

Most of the signatories of that letter were famous critics of former President Trump, including James Clapper, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, and Micahel Hayden.

While Politico started accepting the truth, it is still leaning toward the left. The news outlet stated the leak might have genuine files, but still has the probability of having fake news.

When the news broke out, Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent stated the whole scandal was “laughably weak” and it was “Trump’s fake new Biden scandal.”

On October 15th, Sargent noted Trump would want even a more compelling scandal against Hunter Biden.

Likewise, the public editor of NPR, Kelly McBride, responded to one of the listeners’ questions regarding the channel’s blackout of Hunter Biden’s story.

He suggested the email story of Hunter Biden has “many many red flags.”