Liberal Lawmaker: Democrat Party is on the Verge of Extinction

Outgoing Democrat Congressman Jim Cooper has claimed the Democrat Party is in the stages of “extinction” in his home state of Tennessee.

The Democrat Party has lost its path

Speaking with a local newspaper, Cooper’s predictions regarding Democrats’ future were bleak; he asserted most Democrats have no idea of the impending dangers that could push them into chaos.

According to him, the trends are shifting towards Republicans, even though Democrats have the White House.

When the interviewer asked him if the party would prove to be competitive in the long run, he indicated he hoped for it, but “hope is not a strategy” that will save Democrats.

Likewise, he wished the Democrat Party would soon go in a new direction in Tennessee.

The lawmaker believes Democrats are counting on blind hopes for the future; lawmakers who are suggesting otherwise have not visited their counties even once.

Bragging about his own achievements, Cooper noted he has the advantage of getting born and raised in Tennessee, unlike other lawmakers who have no stakes in the state.

Although Cooper is retiring from Congress at the end of this term, he established he would continue working. While he expressed his hopes in assisting the Democrat Party, he noted he would majorly look forward to his own endeavors.

He warned the Democrat Party he could not give all of his findings to them because he believes this is not how life works. Cooper stated the party has to study the problems itself and work on them in order to be back on track.

The outgoing congressman warned other lawmakers of his state they need to be in continuous contact with their voters. Cooper said lawmakers are the representatives of their constituents and not the boss; so they should stop behaving as bosses.

Democrats scared of the off-year elections results

While predicting the extinction of the Democrat Party, Cooper acknowledged the party was nosediving for a long time; yet, nobody tried to save it.

Cooper has a long history of coming at crossroads with progressives and other left-leaning lawmakers of the Democrat Party. This prompted many Democrats to even remove him from office and replace him with the person of their own choosing.

A progressive-backed Democrat, Odessa Kelly, tried to defeat Cooper in the 2020 primaries. Even though she had a history of inciting violence against Republican lawmakers through her social media posts, progressives backed her candidacy religiously.

The off-year elections of 2021 were an eye-opener for Cooper, as he stated Republicans performing this well is a sign of worry for Democrats.

While Republicans managed to clinch the gubernatorial seat of Virginia in November 2021, they also managed to put on impressive shows in all other races across the country.