Liberal Anchor: Europe Has Racist Immigration Policies

Chris Hayes, a liberal host of MSNBC, scolded European countries for opening up their arms to Ukrainian refugees and denying entrance to Syrian refugees.

According to him, European countries propagated racism by allowing only a specific set of people to immigrate.

Europe is Propagating Racism in its Immigration Policies

Speaking to MSNBC’s “All In,” the anchor stated there is pervasive discrimination for people of various races, adding anti-Muslim hate is fueling the fire after 9/11. 

The anchor compared the behavior of European nations with a decade-old Russian intervention in Syria, which displaced a score of refugees in the Middle Eastern country.

He stated when ISIS claimed authority in Syria, no European country welcomed the refugees, as the populist, rightist pushback against immigration prevailed.

The primary target of Hayes was Poland, as he criticized the country for its hypocritical immigration policies.

According to him, Poland’s right-wing populist party did politicking over the refugee issue in Syria, which denied many people entry to the country.

Similarly, the anchor criticized a UK politician Nigel Farage and lambasted him for his right-wing immigration politics, which helped him in breaking ties with the European Union.

Hayes did not stop here, as he even connected this issue of immigration in Europe with the reason for Donald Trump’s election win in 2016.

He noted due to the images of the Syrian refugee crisis, which went viral back then, Trump rose to power as anti-immigration sentiments started rising in the general public.

Poland Has a Dual Immigration Policy

Many stakeholders have criticized the Polish government for adopting a dual approach in defining its foreign policy. 

Reportedly, the government is being accused of propagating racism in the world and discriminating against people, based on their religions and geographical locations.

Syria was not the only part of the world in which the refugees were denied entry into Poland.

The emergence of extremism in the Middle East resulted in mass migrations from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq toward Poland. However, the country did not welcome refugees from the Middle East at all.

When refugees from these countries were stranded on the Russian border, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak stated the open border policy led to a wave of terrorist attacks in western Europe.

Whereas this was not the case while welcoming Ukraine’s refugees. A researcher at the University of Warsaw Przemyslaw stated both the scenarios of Ukraine and Syria were apparently the same, but the Polish government treated them differently.

He is of the view while Polish people have been showing solidarity with Ukrainians, they perceived Syrians differently, which is the main reason these people were not welcomed.

As Russian aggression in Ukraine continues, Poland is the country that houses most Ukrainian immigrants.

Citizens are playing a critical role in giving living spaces to these people, which is straining the resources of the country.