Leftist Radical Attempt to Insult Christianity

Far-left Democrats have reinvented a 1970s term to launch smear campaigns against anyone who dares to challenge their beliefs.

Now, they are calling conservatives and moderate Democrats “Christofascist,” which is a combination of the words Christian and fascism.

Progressives Tying Christianity to Fascism

The progressive faction of the Democrat Party championed the human rights movements and raised their voices regarding online bullying.

However, they are pursuing aggressive tactics to silence their opposition by bullying them.

For a long time, they used the terms like “sexist,” “homophobic,” and “racists,” against their opponents, but they are now done with these terms. Thus, they are now using new slang, “Christofascist,” to address their ideological opponents.

This term is a combination of two words, “Christian” and “fascism.” It refers to the so-called overlapping ideas of both schools of thought.

As the term is mostly proposed by the far-left, they leave no stone unturned to denigrate the religious beliefs of the masses.

The political faction started using this word at the start of May and gained ground with the passage of time.

Google’s official data shown by Google Trends also suggested that the term was searched very often from May 1 to May 7.

In the previous months, this search was near zero across the country, but progressives made the term relevant in America.

The extraordinary leaking of Supreme Court documents concerning Roe v. Wade urged progressives to use this word on social media.

Liberals Call Supreme Court Justices “Christian Fascists”

According to conservative blog RedState, pro-choice people paint their opponents as the promoter of fascism and Christianity at the same time.

Female abortion activists have even claimed they are being oppressed by the Christofascists who are imposing their ideology on others.

Chris Hedges, a radical leftist journalist, asserted “Christian fascists” tried to create fear-mongering in Americans and they represent a “cult-like fashion” in the country.

Not only this, but Hedges also stated conservatives’ beliefs in fascist Christianity encourage them to think that the war in Iraq and Ukraine were the holy wars.

Similarly, conservatives suggest the perks that come with the wars are the result of God’s mercy, Hedges added.

So, the liberal journalist noted that “30%” of Americans are “Christian fascists” and conservative justices of the Supreme Court are also involved.

This term was first coined in the 1970s, but only came into the spotlight by progressives stalwarts this month.

RedState warned Americans they could face this discriminatory slur whenever they try to stand against abortion or support any policy backed by Republicans.

However, these comments are being pursued at a time when even progressives know that Christianity and fascism have nothing to do with each other.

The faction acknowledges no religion-fascist movement is trying to oppress American women.