Karine Jean-Pierre Storms Off Podium When Asked About Durham Report

The Biden White House maintained its practice of being completely unaccountable to the general population and refusing to respond to any inquiries, other than the simplest ones from its preferred press organizations.

Karine-Jean Pierre Can’t Handle the Truth

Karine-Jean Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, followed the pattern on Tuesday by steadfastly declining to comment on the shocking Durham Report that was released on Monday.

The FBI’s “Russia Collusion” probe had no foundation. Hillary Clinton received treatment differently from the government than Donald Trump and the Department of Justice committed grave violations of authority, according to the study.

It makes sense that an administration which claimed it would bring honesty and truthfulness back to the government would want to provide its opinion.

More Dishonesty From the White House

A moral president would go out and pledge to fix the corrupt DOJ and hold those accountable who misused their positions.

However, neither the president nor the White House are moral. Rather, when questioned about the study on Tuesday, Jean-Pierre scoffed as if she had just eaten rotting seafood.

She remained silent regarding the devastating conclusions and then sent the question to the DOJ. She quickly marched off the platform after a journalist attempted to speak again.

In the video below:

However, Jean-Pierre and her employer, Joe Biden, are used to this. They make assertions about the truth as if doing so makes them right. They have also declined to be honest or respond to any inquiries they deem “challenging.”

Even though it’s probably unrealistic to expect, it’s about time for the mediocre White House press corps to stop sitting around and start practicing real reporting.

They must begin to hold these individuals accountable for their lack of transparency, honesty, and above all, their blatant lies. The American public certainly deserves better.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.