Kamala Compares Anti-Abortion SCOTUS Ruling to Slavery

(Social media footage snapshot)

Vice President Kamala Harris made fresh mind-boggling comments as she compared the recent anti-abortion ruling of the US Supreme Court to slavery.

Parroting ‘My Own Body’ Talking Point on Both Slavery and Abortion

Speaking in New Orleans over the weekend, Harris thought it would be a great idea to liken the anti-abortion ruling to slavery, and in particular, slavery in the United States.

She blasted the government of the United States for “trying to claim ownership” of the human body in both instances – that of slavery and banning abortion.

Harris tried to cushion her extremist stance by first graciously admitting America as a nation was “founded on certain principles,” based on the “concept of liberty and freedom”.

However, she went on to assault the United States for “having a history” of claiming “ownership over human bodies”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Addressing the Essence Festival audience in New Orleans, Louisiana, she then declared the American people “had supposedly evolved” since the time of slavery.

That is, until the new SCOTUS anti-abortion ruling, which the vice president described bluntly as being “very problematic” and on “so many levels.”

The 6-3 ruling of the US Supreme Court on June 24, which killed Roe v. Wade, has now empowered at least 26 states to put into force total or partial abortion bans.

Kamala’s rant ended up with her calling upon the lefties to “speak up and out” and “to be active” on this “serious matter.”


(Social media footage snapshot)

Kamala Can’t Spell ‘Louisiana’

Harris’ comparison of the anti-abortionist SCOTUS ruling to slavery wasn’t the only gaffe registered during her public appearance in New Orleans.

The entire time she spoke to a host, there was a banner behind her that misspelled the name of the state of Louisiana, spelling it “Lousiana” instead.

The wrong inscription in huge block letters was below the name of veep Kamala Harris and the vice presidential seal.

Actress Keke Palmer, who hosted Harris and nodded in agreement with her slavery comparison and abortion rant, didn’t seem to notice the giant typo, either.

The spelling fiasco was quickly noticed by the American public and led to a storm of indignation and ridicule on social media.

One user wondered how it was possible for 70 people on the event’s social media team not to notice the typo or, at least, not to have used spell check or Google to get the correct spelling of the state of Louisiana if they were unable to spell it right themselves.

It remains unknown whether it was the festival organizers or Kamala Harris’ own publicity team who were responsible for committing the spelling fiasco.

However, it was apparent that neither team – and neither participant between Harris or her host – even noticed it.