Joe’s Electric Car Executive Order Could Crumble Our Energy Supply Network

Last week, the Biden administration announced they’ll be rolling out additional regulations regarding electric vehicles. They’re essentially requiring everyone in the US to purchase one of these high-maintenance vehicles that will only further chip away at our electrical grid.

There’s no other way to look at it other than Joe going out of his way to destroy the middle class in the US; he’s been doing a pretty good job so far.

Joe’s a bit too optimistic about EVs

As expected, the New York Times woke peddlers met the news with applause and cheering, claiming the move to be nothing short of a revolution in the automotive industry. They know full well that this “revolution” will only include those rich enough to afford one of these vehicles.

As for the rest, well, they’ll probably have to either walk to work or use one of Kamala’s electric buses, which will be another thing putting pressure on our already weakened electric grid.

The thing no one’s telling you is these cars will still be running on oil, gas, and coal, just indirectly; the electricity they use still has to be produced somewhere.

At the end of the day, electric vehicles are just a fancy excuse to say you’re not driving something that pollutes the environment, even though the electricity spent to charge them comes from the same sources as the ones we use to keep the lights on at home.

Give us DeLoreans so we can go back to pre-Biden times

In fact, the Democratic elite is probably hoping the average American won’t have a way to afford an electric vehicle; they’ll use this to push their electric public transport agenda even further.

To put things into perspective, an entire million windmills wouldn’t be able to repair the dent that the electric vehicle industry will put on our energy grid.

Demanding that 67% of all vehicles be electric by 2030 is foolish, to say the least, and oppressive if you really take the time to look at it. It’ll practically price the average American driver out of participating in traffic.

Despite years of promises from EV companies, their vehicles are yet to become more cost-effective for the average American; the gas guzzlers have remained the cheaper, more affordable vehicles on the market.

This problem may only become worse in the future. Electric energy is bound to get more expensive with every passing year, seeing as our main sources of it are fossil fuels, which are slowly running out.

Finally, we have horrendous range issues and recharge times that can go upwards of four hours, which can be an issue even if you’re able to afford a home recharge station.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.