Joe Biden Thinks Americans Are Not Mentally Fit

Joe Biden believes Americans are unable to enjoy the “good” economy of the country because the coronavirus pandemic has a toll on their mental health.

Meanwhile, Biden’s ratings regarding the Russia-Ukraine crisis dropped significantly among Americans.

Biden thinks Americans are not psychologically fit

In an interview with progressive host Brian Tyler Cohen, President Biden talked at length about various persisting issues and tried to defend his presidential policies, even on those issues where his own political party is divided.

The host told him different factions of Democrats do not think the government is doing the job it is supposed to do, despite having control of both the White House and Congress. 

Responding to that, Biden indicated the “phenomenal negative psychological impact” of coronavirus is disallowing people to see the positive aspects of the economy.

Speaking about the deaths of COVID, Biden added over one million Americans died from the virus, so these sorts of facts are disturbing people mentally.

According to Biden, wages in America are up, and unemployment is down, but it is a difficult task for Americans to understand these facts when they see that their loved ones have died of COVID.

Likewise, he claimed people are unable to digest that the administration managed to make the economy the “fastest-growing in 40 years.”

These comments came at a time when inflation is at a 40 year high, and oil and gas prices are nearing a record high.

Despite the fact the list of his failures both at home and abroad is growing, Biden indicated he wanted to be a president remembered as someone who brought “decency and honor to the office.”

NATO actions encouraged Russia to invade Ukraine

Biden also stated he has managed to bring the middle class of the country out of the crisis, while assisting America in joining international alliances.

These comments of Biden came at the backdrop of NATO’s failure to avert a war in Europe, which can soon push the whole world into chaos.

The outbreak of Russian aggression in Ukraine has impacted Biden’s domestic ratings significantly. The latest Washington Post-ABC News polls indicated only 33 percent of Americans support the president’s policies regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

47 percent disapproved and 20 percent had no opinion. According to Biden, Russia miscalculated the comments from neutral countries like Finland and Sweden, which allowed it to invade Ukraine.

Recently, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg invited Finland and Sweden for a virtual summit to address the worsening situation in Ukraine.

Reportedly, this allowed Russia to think these two countries could be given NATO membership in the near future; hence it decided to become more assertive against the West.

This prompted the Russian foreign ministry to intervene, suggesting if any of these countries become members of NATO, it would result in dire political and military consequences.