Joe Biden Provides Cover For His Son in New Interview

Several years ago, Hunter Biden discarded his laptop at a repair store. This eventually led to the device being confiscated by authorities. Eventually, the public also got word of the laptop and its content.

Currently, it looks as though Hunter broke the law and also used his father’s name to give himself an advantage in the business world. Meanwhile, the feds have been investigating Hunter for years on end.

It remains to be seen if any potential legal action against Hunter Biden actually sticks. Though in the meantime, his father is defending him in interviews, as documented by the Tampa Free Press.

What’s Going on Here?

During an interview with MSNBC last week, Biden did all he could to provide cover for Hunter.

According to the president, Hunter hasn’t done anything that wasn’t right. Biden also said he’s proud of his son, whom he “trusts” and has faith in. These claims came after MSNBC reminded Biden that Hunter could potentially be hit with criminal charges by the Justice Department.

Later, the president made it clear that he doesn’t believe any of the legal problems Hunter faces could adversely impact his own political prospects.

This interview comes amid rumors that Biden may directly pardon his son if the latter ends up being hit with federal criminal charges.

The Fix is In?

To many Americans, the remarks the president shared with MSNBC confirmed some prior suspicions.

Some folks have suggested that the federal investigation into Hunter is nothing but show since his father will take all necessary steps to protect him. It is for this very reason that much of the country feels we’re living under and witnessing a two-tiered justice system.

At this point, American will have to stay tuned to see how the Hunter Biden saga ends up playing out.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.