Jill Biden Takes Advantage of Sesame Street’s Elmo for Vax Propaganda

(Social media footage snapshot)

Biden has resorted to using Elmo, the emblematic Sesame Street character, for the purposes of COVID-19 vaccination propaganda among toddlers.

That’s despite the fact that how much very young children can benefit from getting vaccinated is extremely controversial.

Jill Biden Touts ‘Our Friend Elmo’s’ Vaccination

Jill Biden, who is usually busy serving as her husband’s caretaker-in-chief, retweeted on Friday a post from Elmo’s account. She thanked him for getting vaccinated prior to visiting children in Virginia who had their vaccines.

In a post on Twitter, the first lady said “our friend Elmo” had a conversation with a pediatric doctor who told them coronavirus vaccines are “the best way” to “keep safe and healthy.”

She ended her pro-toddler vax message with a call for contacting “your pediatrician” for the “answers you need.”

On Friday, Jill Biden went to a vaccination clinic in Henrico County, Virginia, jabbing toddlers and babies. This happened after the CDC approved the coronavirus vaccine for the youngest kids last month.

Sleepy Joe’s much feistier wife argued the “relief is finally here” and the administration wants to give parents all information they need in order to “make that choice.”

Reporters photographed her as she was consoling a crying little girl, promising her it doesn’t hurt, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Elmo the muppet is said to be three years old, so the government’s choice to utilize him to influence toddlers may seem natural.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Vax Propaganda Up Elmo’s ‘A—’

Jill Biden’s “abduction” of Elmo for questionable vaccination propaganda occurred just as Sen. Ted Cruz, tweeted blasted Sesame Street for lending the Elmo character for the Biden administration’s child vaccination campaign.

Cruz fumied on Twitter that “corporate media is having fun” while they portray him as being in a fight with Elmo whenever he criticizes sneaky propaganda taking advantage of the innocent characters from Sesame Street.

This is all in order to COVID-19 vaccines whose benefits for young children haven’t been unconditionally established.

The Texas GOP senator explained his problem isn’t with the red, fluffy puppet, but with woke people who have their hands “up his a—,“ as they are using a puppet to impose “dishonest government propaganda on toddlers.”

Earlier this week, Cruz posted on Twitter a tweet about Jill Biden’s “kidnapping” of Elmo, blasting Sesame Street for “aggressively advocating” the coronavirus vaccination of children below five years of age.

The Republican stressed the claims that children this young have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are supported by “zero scientific evidence.”

Cruz insists that the FDA is still unable to provide a clear and honest answer to the questions about the potential tradeoffs between serious COVID outcomes for children and suffering vaccine side effects.