Jill Biden Slaps Triple Insult on Hispanics During Disastrous ‘LatinX’ Event

(Social media footage snapshot)

First Lady Jill Biden made major gaffes that managed to offend the entire community of Latino and Hispanic Americans – including by comparing them to “tacos.”

Bad Time for Jill’s Likely Biggest Public Gaffe Yet

The event during which first lady Jill Biden offended all Hispanic Americans was a luncheon in San Antonio, Texas. This was during the national conference of the UnidosUS nonprofit, Fox News reported.

The insult for Latinos in the United States started with the very name of the event – “LatinX Luncheon.”

The organizers and the first lady herself apparently believe it to be a smart idea to call Latino and Hispanic Americans the woke “gender-neutral” name “LatinX”.

The Marxist-Communist term in question was used even though the vast majority of Hispanics and Latinos have made it clear they despise it.

The Spanish language, their mother tongue, unlike English, has sex-denoting declension of adjectives – hence the terms Latinos for males and Latinas for females.

Hispanics Are ‘Tacos’ and ‘Bogedas’, Jill Deems

The LatinX abomination, however, wasn’t the only significant insult that Jill Biden managed to inflict upon Hispanic Americans on Monday.

The first lady attempted to complement Latino Americans, and especially Raul Yzaguirre, the leader of the UnidosUS civil rights organization for 30 years, who got awarded the presidential medal of freedom on July 7.

To do so, Jill Biden compared the Latino “community” to several things, including the uniqueness of the “breakfast tacos in San Antonio.”

Another thing she used for the presumably praising comparison was the bodegas – i.e. small grocery shops – of the Bronx – except she mistook the name and called them “bogedas.”

“We are not tacos,” reacted the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, accusing Joe Biden’s wife of reducing the entire Hispanic community “to a stereotype.”

The association urged Jill Biden to get a better understanding of the “intricacies of our people.”

Her triple gaffe – with the tacos, the bogedas, and the LatinX title – is coming at a terrible moment not just for her president husband, Sleepy Joe, but also for the entire Democrat Party.

It has started to rapidly lose its standing with the Hispanic community right ahead of the 2022 midterm elections in November.

A recent public opinion poll by Quinnipiac, a left-leaning pollster, discovered that Joe Biden has an approval rating of only 26% among young Latino and Hispanic voters.

This comes even though back in 2020, he got about 60% of the Hispanic vote in the presidential election.

The latest testimony to the fact that a growing number of Latinos refuse to be the Democrats’ “LatinX” and are turning Republican, was in June 2022.

This is when Mayra Flores, a Latina, won a special congressional election in a predominantly Hispanic constituency in Texas.  The seat had been Democratic for more than 100 years.