James O’Keefe Resigns from Project Veritas Over Allegations of “Financial Malfeasance”

Members of the board for Project Veritas put out an announcement after James O’Keefe’s rumored departure. They charged the organization’s departing founder and chairman with taking lavish gifts for himself from donors and abusing staff.

Project Veritas Loses Support

Project Veritas lost virtual followers after the trustees of the investigative news organization revealed its secrets.

In contrast, O’Keefe, who hinted in a Monday presentation that Project Veritas’ major Pfizer exposé might be related to this internal struggle, experienced a big increase in subscribers.

O’Keefe was forced onto paid leave at the beginning of February, according to a story from The Blaze, and the company was considering removing him from his chairmanship.

In a quote released on Monday, the board of trustees of Project Veritas seemed to verify these apprehensions by stating O’Keefe had already been placed on administrative leave.

This happened while awaiting final resolution of a thorough examination and clarification that must be supplied by a third-party investigatory audit finding.

O’Keefe acknowledged the fact that he was placed on paid leave on February 10 as the consequence of a 3-2 board vote in a speech on Monday. He apparently lost his influence and had his access to confidential material restricted by the board.

The board asserted after numerous efforts to have a dialogue with him, he rejected their efforts and choose to disclose confidential information to other people. He then proceeded to clean out his office and take his personal items home with him.

The organization’s ultimate viability based on personnel turnover and satisfaction, as well as the corporation’s economic health, which caused major worry over the last few months, were two issues the board wanted to resolve with James, according to the announcement.

According to the board, the company president and owner used an inordinate amount of donated monies for personal indulgences over the past three years.

A few of the alleged expenses are:

  • $14,000 on a chartered plane to meet somebody to repair his yacht underneath the pretense of conferencing with a donor
  • $60,000 spent on producing dance events like Project Veritas Experience
  • More than $150,000 in Black Cars over the past 18 months
  • Thousands of dollars invested in DJ and other supplies for private use

The board proposed O’Keefe was instead dismissed for arbitrarily terminating the CFO and implying a top executive supported the termination.

Board Did Not Want to Fire O’Keefe

The board emphasized in their announcement that they wish to continue receiving donations, stating the board is most concerned with the donors to this group who chose to give their money to the organization.

They couldn’t permit contributors to give them donations and have them used in this manner. At long last, the board declared that they did not want to fire him.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.