J.K. Rowling Shows Support For Matt Walsh’s Latest Documentary

"Matt Walsh" by Gage Skidmore

It seems the author of the timeless Harry Potter series can’t get a grip on whether she’s with or against Matt Walsh and his latest documentary featuring dozens of people who can’t describe what a woman is in 2022.

The documentary, aptly named “What Is a Woman”, premiered some weeks ago. It’s taken on a strong anti-trans stance, prompting praise from J.K. Rowling who identifies as a TERF.

“Matt Walsh & Charlie Kirk” by Gage Skidmore

What is a woman?

She posted a series of tweets to her official page, supporting the film and the topics it touches on.

This ended up solidifying her spot as one of the few celebrities who are brave enough to fight the gender identity movement in this day and age.

However, Rowling was not happy with Walsh’s stance on feminism. This is one of the few points where these two great minds collide. She was very vocal in her disapproval of his opinions regarding the feminist movement that she’s a part of.

That didn’t stop her from showing praise for the film in a thread of tweets started by singer Macy Gray, who attempted to walk back a couple of her own anti-trans comments she’d made in the past.

Rowling added that Walsh’s take on the gender identity movement showed the dozens of incoherencies the community actively chooses to ignore, as well as the visible harm it’s done to the US’ youth.

Walsh praises the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision

Opponents of the movie are largely on the LGBT side, though.

Most of them claim Walsh to be a bigoted fascist whose anti-trans agenda is visible from the very start, adding what he’s actually asking is whether the trans community is crazy or not.

On the other hand, though, she’s not wrong, in part at least.

Walsh is among the last remaining reporters willing to tell the truth and stand his ground. Considering the fact he’s written a children’s anti-trans book to counter the community’s slow creep into standard education, he’s very much qualified to speak on the matter.

The fact is, an opposing opinion is almost a necessity when it comes to these sorts of things. Walsh is simply fighting the battle that many others would never dare fight.

Aside from being a strong opponent of the trans movement, Walsh is also a very vocal pro-life activist. He claimed that the Roe v. Wade overturn by the Supreme Court is probably one of the greatest days in American history.

Much like the rest of his content, this sparked quite the debate on Twitter, with many of Rowling’s fans turning on her for supporting Walsh’s controversial opinions, which she’s got a fair share of herself.

Thankfully, she’s with Walsh when it comes to transgender rights, deeming the fight for them to be misogynistic and a blatant attempt at erasing the female identity, which, according to “What is a woman,” has already begun.