Iranian Missiles Destroyed American Consulate

Just when the Biden administration was requesting Iran to reinstate the 2015 nuclear agreement, the Islamic Republic launched a series of missiles in the direction of the American consulate in Iraq.

The state media of Iran noticed the missiles were aiming at “secret Israel bases” in the region.

Iran Attacks America’s Consulate in Iraq

Sepah News, the state-controlled media outlet of Iran, asserted the Islamic Revolutionary Guards targeted “strategic centers” of Zionists.

This attack came in response to last week’s Israeli attack in Iraq by the major US ally when two Iranian officers died instantly.

Iran warned Israel to get ready to pay the price for the attack right after the death of its two officers.

Worries in the US power corridors regarding these attacks are also mounting. A senior Defense official of America noted 12 missiles flew toward the US consulate in the Iraqi city of Erbil.

The severity of the damage done by these missiles is still unknown; however, the Iraqi government and the US are presenting a different picture regarding the damage done by the missile.

According to Iraq, multiple missiles hit the American consulate, but another Defense official of the United States claimed the American facility was unharmed.

Yet another American defense official said anonymously there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the exact number of fired missiles and their actual landing position.

America labeled the episode as an “outrageous attack” against the sovereignty of Iraq, claiming this is a sheer display of violence.

Iran Benefits from Soft Policies of Biden

The Iranian regime adopted this aggressive posture against America and its regional allies at a time when the Biden administration was struggling to get Iran back to the 2015 nuclear deal.

However, these ambitions of Biden are currently in the doldrums. Russia’s resistance against the deal is pushing the negotiations in the dead-end tunnel once again.

This has prompted many stakeholders to announce Russia’s current stance on the deal could ostensibly end the negotiations which started last year.

Russia is utilizing its political and diplomatic clout to ensure the Biden administration may bow down and reverse some of the prevailing sanctions against it, which were imposed after the start of the Ukraine war.

Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top US military commander for the Middle East, repeatedly warned Iran holds hegemonic ambitions in Iraq and Syria.

In December last year, the general stated although American forces in the Middle East adopted a non-combative role, Iran still wants them to leave the region. This is urging them to unleash attacks against American forces.

The Iranian missile and rocket program is perceived as an existential threat to Jewish people, as Israel sits next to Iran on the world map.

However, the Biden administration ignored the strategic importance of the Iran missile placement which can knock out the American consulate easily.