Internet Assault: Another Top Conservative Voice Banned

In yet another episode to censor Republicans’ voices, Wikipedia has deleted the page of GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette. If elected, she would be the first black senator from Pennsylvania.

Wikipedia Banned GOP Senate Candidate’s Page

Now, Wikipedia redirects the page of Kathy Barabette to a generalized page about the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate elections. The page was last edited on May 10.

According to the Epoch Times, the discussion to ban the potential senator’s page started in April this year when a Wikipedia editor noted her page only covered her routine campaign activities.

Barnette was shocked at the ban, calling it an attack on Americans. She stated when the company tries to cancel her, it is actually canceling Americans who want to see her as a senator.

With almost a week left in Pennsylvania Republican primary elections, this is likely to be a big setback for the candidate.

She is currently standing second in the race at 20.9%, compared to the leading candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, who stands at 22.5% and has a Wikipedia page as well.

Similarly, David McCormick, a former Treasury aide, also has a Wikipedia page and is standing in third place at 18.5%.

While criticizing the decision, Barnette noted the status quo does not like to give up its power, which encourages it to take these extreme measures. However, the true power resides within the people, she added.

Furthermore, the candidate claimed she would win the primary election in Pennsylvania to tell people a movement led by the general public is unlikely to be impacted by big money.

Barnette Making Unprecedented Impact Without Big Money

Top Republican operatives believe Barnette’s campaign has shown surprising results in the last several months. Most of her supporters bandwagon her by seeing her durability, resilience, and strength, even without big money.

This persistence of the candidate throughout the journey paid off when a big-money group announced last week that it would pour money into Barnette’s campaign.

A Republican super PAC, Club for Growth, reserved almost $2 million for ads for Baranette’s campaign, which will give her campaign new life.

Both of her competitors, Oz and McCormick, funded their campaigns themselves. They spent millions of dollars, while Barnette spent little money to advertise herself on television.

The chairman of the Lehigh County Republican Committee, Joe Vichot, asserted Barnette is managing her campaign with the help of the people, instead of relying on big money.

One of the most significant challenges for Barnette is likely to be no Trump endorsement for her.

As the former president is backing Oz, due to his historic conservative credentials, his support can give Barnette a mighty blow when Trump’s supporters come out to vote.

She has even gone to lengths to criticize the former president, noting the slogan of “MAGA” does not belong to Trump.