Impending Meltdown of America 

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, rang alarm bells on Tuesday, stating the Biden administration would push the country into chaos if it undid the border policies of the Trump administration.

Currently, Democrats, especially progressives, are pushing Biden to wrap up Trump’s Title 42 program.

Wrapping Up Title 42 Will Result in Meltdown

Democrats are urging Biden to end Title 42, but McConnell has already warned of chronic consequences if this happens. 

The Republican lawmaker claimed the Biden administration’s policies would result in an “utter meltdown” at the US southern border

Over 1.7 million people have been expelled from America under Title 42, since the start of the pandemic. This means in case of the absence of this law, American communities would be flooded with such a high number of illegal immigrants.

Apart from that, more than 1.1 million people who were not covered by Title 42 have managed to reach mainstream America.

Even though the numbers suggest record high illegal border crossings, immigration rights activists believe some lawful asylum candidates are also being denied entry under Title 42.

Thus, they suggest that policy should be revoked, considering the ease of the pandemic made it irrelevant. However, McConnell believes the Biden administration is unaware of the danger awaiting after the conclusion of Title 42.

It would eventually open the “floodgates” of illegal immigration, the minority leader claimed.

Democrats are emphasizing wrapping up Trump’s policies when illegal immigration has already been at an all-time high. 

Thus, McConnell noted the Biden administration has been in office for more than one year, but it is still clueless about finding a workable solution to control illegal immigration.

McConnell also busted the claim that the pandemic is over, adding that President Biden is still requesting billions of dollars for COVID spending.

Biden All Set to Pursue Pro-Illegal Immigration Policies

Recently, the Biden administration decided to eliminate Title 42 for children, but many Democrats want to see the end of this policy altogether.

Seeing the data, Title 42 helped America curb illegal immigration at a time when it was supposed to be higher than normal as economically strained individuals tried to migrate to America in the pandemic.

If the Biden administration manages to ease down border restrictions, it is likely to pull many illegal immigrants into the United States.

This happened in the past as well when Biden’s soft-hearted border policies increased illegal immigration to a record-high last year.

Even though the morale of border agents is low and they’ve been involved in internal schisms, as seen in recent viral videos, Democrats are still up for putting more pressure on them. 

This can eventually result in more border arrests, not to mention it will act as a driver to pull in illegal immigrants.

Thus, a whole slate of illegal activities, including smuggling, could increase, which will make the American society dysfunctional.