Illegal Immigrants Will Be Able to Get Driver’s Licenses in Massachusetts

The issue of illegal immigration in the United States is very pressing. Since the current administration’s been in power, there’s been a massive increase of people coming across the border unlawfully.

Thanks to Biden’s decision to end the Remain in Mexico rule, illegal immigration has been incentivized. Border Patrol officials, meanwhile, are struggling to be able to keep up with the large number of folks arriving at the border.

Democrats have been clear they want to give mass amnesty and citizenship to people who broke America’s immigration laws. Meanwhile, states like Massachusetts are paving the way for illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, per Fox News.

The Latest Out of Massachusetts

When the Massachusetts state legislature voted on a bill that would give illegal immigrants the ability to get driver’s licenses, GOP Governor Charlie Baker vetoed the bill.

Unfortunately, the state legislature managed to get enough votes to override Baker’s veto. Consequently, the Massachusetts state legislature also remains controlled by Democrats.

Furthermore, the legislature holds the view that letting illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses will somehow make the roads more safe than they are today.

This new law that allows illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses in Massachusetts will go into effect in July 2023. Republicans in the state have already sounded the alarm against this, calling it dangerous and warning that it could threaten the security of elections.

Part of a Larger Plan?

In more than one dozen other states across America, illegal immigrants are able to get driver’s licenses. On top of this, some states have even let illegal immigrants cast ballots in certain elections.

Americans who have concerns about this believe it’s part of a larger plan to give citizenship to illegal immigrants, thus expanding the voter bloc of Democrats.

The Democrat Party has been losing support from minorities and other key demographics they rely upon in order to win elections. Therefore, it’s been said the party is using illegal immigration as a weapon to get more votes and secure more power in the long term.

Democrats have come under fire for giving illegal immigrants special treatment in spite of them breaking the law.

This is widely viewed as a slap in the face towards immigrants who actually came to the United States legally and followed the rules.

Time will ultimately tell whether or not other states follow in the footsteps of Massachusetts and decide to let illegal immigrants obtain driver’s licenses.

What do you think about states that are giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, access to voting rights, and more? Do you think this is the Democrat Party’s longterm plan to gain more power and voters?

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