Hunter Biden May Soon Face Criminal Charges

The American public has been consistently privy to the various investigations into Hunter Biden. The catalyst for these probes turned out to be a sordid laptop that Hunter abandoned at a repair shop years ago. This laptop would later be handed over to federal authorities.

Judging from what the public’s been told, Hunter’s alleged crimes include tax violations, entanglements with prostitutes, intentionally lying on forms necessary to purchase a gun, etc.

Hunter also stands accused of taking advantage of his father’s previous time as vice president to cut business deals.

Now, breaking news from Red State reveals the president’s son could soon be formally and criminally charged.

Game Over For Hunter?

The latest developments of the infamous probe suggest that federal officials have done all the necessary reviewing to reach a decision regarding appropriate charges.

So far, if Hunter Biden is charged, he’ll be jammed up on penalties for gun and tax violations. Not too long ago, attorneys for the first son convened with Justice Department officials for talks about the ongoing probe.

On the other hand, the digging into Hunter Biden has been persistent for four years now. Most Americans are very much aware that it doesn’t usually take this long for law enforcement to decide whether they’re going to charge someone.

Is the Fix Already In?

Despite these latest developments, many Americans feel that Hunter Biden will never serve a day behind bars, even if he is proven to have broken the aforementioned laws. This is largely due to the perception that Joe Biden is moving behind the scenes to shield Hunter.

Time will ultimately tell if anything comes of these latest reports or if they simply die out with no real action behind them.

On social media, people are sharing their thoughts about the news that authorities completed their investigation into Hunter Biden.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.