Hunter Biden May Soon Be Pardoned

For years now, Americans have been aware of the federal investigation into Hunter Biden. So far, Hunter is accused of committing a series of different crimes pertaining to his taxes, gun purchase application, business affairs, and more.

This month has brought word that the probe into Hunter just about reached its end. However, many people fear that government corruption will ensure Hunter never faces accountability, even if he is determined to have broken the law.

Now, it turns out such worries may not be without merit. According to Fox News, Joe Biden is setting the groundwork to pardon Hunter, in the event of the latter getting jammed up.

What to Know About a Potential Pardon For Hunter

Miranda Devine, a contributor to Fox News, says the president has no intention of letting his son face the music for any potential criminal activity. According to Devine, Biden will pardon Hunter and count on his own reputation as a folksy moderate Democrat to avoid any political backlash.

Devine then stressed that Biden will be using the “sympathy card” in the event that he pardons Hunter. In a case such as this, the president will reportedly want to be viewed by the public as a loving father who is simply doing his best for his son.

Meanwhile, during public interviews, the president has also insisted that Hunter’s done absolutely nothing wrong. Though given the evidence to the contrary, many Americans beg to differ.

Time Will Tell

Joe Biden already confirmed he’s going to campaign for a second presidential term. At the end of the day, time will reveal whether or not Biden pardons his son. However, Americans shouldn’t be at all shocked if he does go down this route.

It also wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Hunter was counting on this all along.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.