Hunter Biden Intrafamily Infidelity Revealed

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, revealed in her memoir that Hunter developed a questionable relationship with the widow of his brother, Beau Biden, after his death in 2015.

Hunter Biden’s Intra-Family Infidelity Revealed

According to the forthcoming memoir named “If We Break,” Hunter Biden and his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, spent a significant amount of time together to “grieve” Beau’s death.

Both of them ended up establishing the Beau Biden Foundation to spend more time together.

Buhle indicated their therapist told her Hunter needed to be with Beau’s widow. Concerning this, Buhle asked the therapist what would happen to Hunter’s “sobriety” in such a case.

Responding to this, the counselor asserted living with Hallie and her children is an “important part of Hunter’s grieving.”

Hunter Biden completely messed up his relationship with Buhle, as she threw him out of her house when she found used crack pipes in his ashtray.

Another cause that ended their relationship was Hunter’s acknowledgment that he used prostitutes during foreign trips for his controversial business dealings.

In the upcoming memo set to be released on June 14, Buhle also mentioned she came to know about the romantic relationship between Hunter and Hallie once her daughter found out about the controversial text messages on his phone.

As per Buhle, her daughter Finnegan called her in 2016 and revealed the chest-tightening story of her father’s relationship with her uncle’s widow.

After listening to the call, Buhle went straight to the house of a therapist whom her daughter was visiting and found her crying by holding a pillow.

Joe Biden Appreciated Hunter For His Infidelity

Though this is not the first time the story of Hunter Biden and Hallie is unfolding. Previously, a celebrity gossip website, Page Six, revealed this intra-family infidelity in 2017 that pushed Hunter into hot waters.

Hunter Biden acknowledged even his father, Joe Biden, came to know about him and Hallie after Page Six’s news. 

Even after knowing, Joe Biden appreciated his son. Calling the meeting of Hunter and Hallie “lucky,” Biden noted both of them had the “full support” of him and Jill.

Hunter’s involvement in controversial events led his wife Buhle to file for divorce.

She accused him of “extravagantly spending” on strip clubs, prostitution, drugs, and gifts for controversial women, while leaving no money to pay his own house bills.

Eventually, the case was concluded in 2017. Hunter Biden maintained a close relationship with Hallie all the time.

Buhle also revealed she never received any alimony from her former husband and she could not help the court in Hunter’s financial misdealings.

According to Halley, the whole episode of Hunter’s infidelity shocked her, but she never felt heartbroken because she regularly saw Hunter detracting from his commitments.