Hunter Biden Calls for Ethics Investigation into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The ethics committee should look into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, according to Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, whose attorney termed her comments “unhinged rhetoric.”

Hunter Biden is Mad

Abbe David Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, demanded in a letter sent to the Office of Congressional Ethics on Monday that they investigate potential breaches of House ethics, laws, and official behavior guidelines.

According to the document, which Politico was able to receive, Representative Greene’s questionable behavior stems from her persistent vocal assaults, slanderous declarations, publishing of private pictures and information, and support of conspiracy theories regarding and against Robert Hunter Biden.

The letter stated none of these activities could potentially be regarded to be an appropriate legislative action. This is obvious based on the substance of her remarks and behaviors and the places where she chooses to spout her frequently deranged vitriol.

Since Greene’s election in 2020 and before, according to Lowell, she participated in constant relentless oral, slanderous smears upon Biden, along with members of his family.

Her insults were described as a shower of gun shells of personal venom in the letter, which is the kind of behavior that does not bear creditably on the House.

The letter specifically mentioned a post on Twitter from April 18 which said, in part, that Hunter Biden compensated female citizens of Russia (and additional eastern European countries) who also seem to be connected to prostitution or a sexual slavery ring.

Greene said Hunter was actually part of a human trafficking organization and spending a lot of cash on it.

Greene Makes Bold Accusations

Greene declared in a clip posted to her Twitter page on April 19 that the Biden criminal family engaged in the trafficking of women by procuring prostitutes within the United States and overseas in nations like Russia and Ukraine.

The video was of Greene posing near the entrance of the Treasury building. It allegedly went beyond Hunter Biden and his close family members, according to her.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.