Horrors Loading: Chemical Weapons Dropped in Ukraine

The worst fear of Ukraine is becoming true as Russia reportedly used chemical weapons on innocent civilians of Ukraine.

Biden has already warned that NATO will respond directly to Russia if Putin uses chemical weapons in the war.

Russia Used Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

Right after the appointment of a dangerous general as the head of Russian forces in Ukraine, Russia used chemical weapons on the country. 

According to a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine Azov Regiment, chemical weapons of “unknown origins” were dropped on Ukrainian military and civil facilities by an unnamed aerial vehicle in the city of Mariupol.


Thus, the regiment noted victims of the attack have started feeling respiratory failure and other dangerous syndromes.

Chemical weapons fall under the category of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), the use of which is prohibited under international law.

So far, NATO was hesitant to respond directly to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Even in the aftermath of the Russian genocide in Bucha, NATO was unable to participate in the conflict.

Likewise, the military alliance negated any demands of imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

However, President Biden warned last month the use of chemical weapons in the war would result in a NATO response. Although the extent of the response remains unclear, it is likely to trigger a backlash from Russia as well.

If this happens, this would be the first time Russia and American forces have come face to face since the start of the conflict.

Many experts have already stated this could lead to a full-fledged war between Russia and western nations that can take a dangerous turn of events in a matter of days.

NATO Can Respond Military to Russia Now

Before his trip to Poland, Biden was asked what the response of NATO would be once Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine. 

Biden noted NATO would issue a “response in kind,” the extent of which would be dependent on the nature of the use of these weapons. 

All of this is happening a day after the appointment of dangerous Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, who used absolute powers in the Syria war to turn the tide in favor of Russia.

The threat of the Russian president going to nuclear war was already present; once the war entered a stalemate, the threat of a limited-scale nuclear war by Putin rose to an all-time high.

However, Russia retreated from major cities in Ukraine and started focusing on the eastern part of Ukraine.

Hamish De Bretton-Gordon, a former NATO commander, recalled the horrors of chemical weapons in the Syria war. He stated these weapons changed the whole course of a long war in a matter of days. 

Likewise, the commander also claimed Russia wants Ukrainian civilians to bow down, and chemical weapons are really good for that purpose.

Gordon further established Russia would probably use industrial chemicals because their origins are difficult to track.