Horowitz Admits FBI Conducted Over 3 Million Warrantless Searches of American Homes!

Earlier this week on Thursday, Department of Justice Inspector General Horowitz admitted to some of the many ways the FBI overstepped its jurisdictions.

More specifically, Horowitz touched on the topic of FBI raids and searches of American homes and communications, which he claims 3.4 million were conducted without a warrant.

Your rights are being infringed upon!

Essentially, the bureau used a law that allowed them to perform background searches. This was designed as a means of shielding America and its people against the very folks it was supposed to protect.

Rep. Matt Gaetz pressed on, demanding to learn more about these background searches that the FBI conducted. Horowitz was visibly unhappy with that.

However, instead of issuing an apology or an explanation as to why so many searches were conducted, Horowitz merely claimed he’s very limited in terms of what he can and can’t talk about.

He went on to say the immense number of illegal background checks is, indeed concerning, especially if you consider the average error rate on them in the past two years, which has been somewhere around 30% for the longest time.

This equates to almost one million faulty background checks that fetched no results, effectively spending YOUR taxpayer dollars for nothing.

Accountability as a foreign concept

Even though all of this was presented to the American people in broad daylight, you’ll be happy to know that no one will be held responsible for what the FBI did.

The DOJ and Biden’s task force almost always gets away with it. You’d be hard-pressed to find any of the officials from the intelligence agencies actually speaking up on this blatant misuse of power.

On top of this, no one knows how many FBI agents were involved in conducting these searches, leaving one to wonder just how many people are responsible for the millions of violations of Americans’ rights to privacy and free speech.

Error numbers in the millions shouldn’t be something you’ll find in an FBI report. Unfortunately, this is the reality we live in. Joe’s reign over America has created a country where free speech and privacy are a thing of the past.

Woke policies practically rule over everything and the left keeps making sure everyone’s aware of and on board with their agenda, no matter how pointless it may be.

Biden has given way too much freedom to the FBI. The bureau has been abusing all this freedom to oppress and mistreat the American people.

Data has even shown just how trigger-happy they are when it comes to labeling individuals for “domestic terror,” as anyone trying to exercise freedom of speech gets flagged for it.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.