Hillary Clinton Scandal: Republicans Wants JUSTICE

Congressional Republicans have expressed their concerns about shocking reveals regarding Special Counsel Durham’s probe.

This puts the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in trouble. Meanwhile, Clinton declined to comment on Durham’s probe.

Republicans concerned about Durham’s probe bombshells

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy indicated the GOP would oversee the whole findings of the probe if they manage to win the House back in the 2022 midterm elections.

Recently, Durham’s probe made headlines when it established that Hillary Clinton’s campaign colluded with a technology company to malign Trump’s reputation.

Speaking to Fox News, McCarthy noted Durham’s findings should continue so everything is unearthed as soon as possible. According to him, it is now mandatory upon Congress to exercise its oversight responsibilities on the said matter.

While Democrats want to bury the shocking revelations by partnering with the liberal media, McCarthy asserted Republicans would try to dig deep into the matter to ensure these sorts of conspiracies do not happen in the future.

Rep. Jim Banks also cited his concerns regarding the probe. He suggested Joe Biden utilized the services of Neustar Information Services. This is the same company at the center of Durham’s probe, for compliance and accounting work in the 2020 elections.

Banks further told Fox News that if Biden and his national security adviser Jake Sullivan are really found guilty in the secret surveillance of Donald Trump, it will be like a “five-alarm blaze.”

Marsha Blackburn, a GOP senator from Tennessee, emphasized the party is concerned about what is being exposed in Durham’s probe.

Blackburn also stated Republicans have to continue connecting the dots and wait for more new information so everything is unveiled before crafting a further strategy.

Clinton avoiding media after being caught red-handed

Republican Senator Rick Scott mentioned in front of the press the liberal media continued perpetuating the narrative of the Democrat Party, regarding Russia’s alleged relations with Donald Trump.

However, now it is clear every piece of that news was a complete lie.

While giving the media workable advice, Scott indicated the media should start reporting the reality of Democrats and how they spied on an incumbent president to manipulate election results. 

He also asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide Durham with all the resources needed to make investigations as transparent as possible.

Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota senator, also joined calls to scrutinize Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He noted the media is not interested in the story just because it makes Democrats look bad.

Meanwhile, the mastermind behind all the conspiracy, Hillary Clinton, declined to comment on the unfolding investigations.

She was confronted by a Daily Mail reporter in New York City when the reporter asked her when she would comment on Durham’s probe. Hillary waved her hand at the reporter and went inside a building silently.