Hillary Clinton Campaign Exposed Infiltrating Trump Tower

The latest filings from former Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham revealed shocking efforts of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign to malign Donald Trump’s reputation.

Reportedly, Clinton’s lawyers infiltrated into the servers of Trump Tower and the White House to create a narrative that Trump had ties with Russia.

Clinton’s campaign played foul to malign Trump’s reputation 

On February 11, Durham filed a motion against the conflict of interest of Clinton’s lawyer, Micheal Sussman, for allegedly misleading the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI).

According to the indictment, Sussman told the former FBI General Counsel just two months before the 2016 presidential election he was not working for “any client.”

Yet, he presented faulty data which tried to establish Trump organization relations with the Alfa Bank, which has deep ties with Russia.

However, Durham’s filing suggests Sussman was allegedly working with two clients, including a technology executive and Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

As per Durham, Sussman charged money to Clinton’s campaign for his work, which is evident from his billing records.

Durham claimed Sussman and the tech executive met with another law partner, who was serving Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the General Counsel.

In July 2016, the tech executive and Sussman conspired on behalf of the Clinton campaign to gather “purported data and white papers” to defame Trump’s reputation.

Rodney Joffe, who is mentioned as Tech Executive-1 in Durham’s indictment, used his access to dig deep in the non-public data and took the assistance of researchers to mine internet data.

This data was then used to create a narrative that Trump had relations with Russia. While doing this, Tech Executive-1 stated he was trying to “satisfy some VIPS,” referring to the officials of the Clinton campaign, Durham noted.

Hillary Clinton committed a crime of the century 

According to Durham, the internet company for which the Tech Executive-1 was working maintained the dedicated servers for the office of the president and Trump Tower.

Reportedly, tech experts played around IP addresses to show the web traffic in the vicinity of Trump Tower was coming from Russian-made wireless phones.

Kash Patel, the former chief investigator of the Trump-Russia probe, also established the Durham filing indicates Hillary Clinton’s campaign sponsored lawyers to make a public narrative against Trump.

Donald Trump has already indicated there is “a lot coming” from John Durham’s investigation.

In his recent interview with the Epoch Times, Trump claimed Durham would expose the Obama administration’s ill intentions to denigrate his 2016 elections win.

Calling the actions of the Obama-era officials “the crime of the century,” Trump stated he would be happy if everything surfaces in the ongoing investigations.

Trump has persistently denied allegations of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. An investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller already established no one from Trump’s campaign worked with Russia to manipulate the elections.