Hilariously Innocent Videos Posted To ‘Smear’ Tucker Carlson by Media Matters

Media Matters is constantly trying to smear conservatives.

Funny enough, their “leaks” of Tucker’s Fox comments may be their silliest (and most unsuccessful) attempt to demonize him so far. Media Matters means we must mistrust everything.

Yet, they somehow still make Tucker look better and Media Matters look silly.

Videos on Twitter

In a Twitter video, Tucker criticizes Fox for making Fox Nation difficult to find and access. Given that Americans can’t find it, he’s condemning the delivery, not the content of it.

Truth be told, he’s right. So? Is that Media Matters’ big secret? That people can try to improve product delivery and get dissatisfied when it ought to be better?

Oh, Democrats don’t understand hard work or quality. That video has over 4.7 million views, with most viewers saying, “There’s nothing there” or liking Carlson more.

He had three more videos, but it’s hard and a little absurd to imagine what they believed they showed, except Tucker being an average guy.

In another video, Piers Morgan and he discussed an interview. Its innocence is almost comical.

He calls someone’s absent girlfriend “yummy” and tells Media Matters “to go f**k themselves” if they think that’s significant. He’s hilariously prescient, also spot-on for Media Matters.

Unexpected Reactions

He joked about his appearance and said he had to wait for his “post-menopausal fans” to notify him. He then joked about Bill O’Reilly’s meltdown phrase, “F**k it, we’ll do it live!”

Again, labeling that an attack on women shows Media Matters’ skewed views. The icing on the cake? Even “post-menopausal women” chimed in and said they saw nothing wrong with that.

Congratulations, Media Matters! They ironically made more women praise Tucker Carlson!

If this is all they have on him, it demonstrates how little. One can wonder how they acquired these “leaks” and what the leaker thought if they wanted to hurt Carlson.

Fox’s ratings plummeted after Tucker’s departure. If Fox wanted to strike back at Tucker, it failed.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.