Highly Woke School District is Forcing Students to Change Their Genders

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is urging teachers to perform radical gender experiments on students by adopting “nonbinary” gender identities.

The school district is circulating far-left study material for teachers, encouraging them to hide students’ gender transition from their parents and use pronouns like “they,” “ze,” and “tree,” instead of traditional gender pronouns.

Los Angeles Schools Goes Woke

Last fall, district administrators in Los Angeles organized a radical conference titled “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students, Staff, and Families,” where participants hosted workshops on “breaking the (gender) binary.”

In these workshops, children were indoctrinated against the “white cis-heteropatriarchy society” as they were provided with “free gender-affirming clothing” and other such stuff.

According to the hosts, white patriarchal men have divided society into men and women to oppress different types of minorities.

Similarly, teachers were trained to “respond to religious objections” regarding gender dysphoria; students were trained on how they can be “Muslim and Trans” at the same time.

Likewise, in another radical training program named “Queering Culture & Race,” administrators urged teachers to appreciate the idea of intersectionality, which is a key principle of critical race theory. 

LAUSD told the teachers to “avoid gendered expressions” like “boys and girls” in the classroom, as they promote gender-based discrimination.

Furthermore, the presenters warned teachers that their actions are driving hate against Black LGBTQ youth, who are feeling oppressed by their families, due to the conservative idea of the term gender.

LAUSD also disseminated the study material “Mental Health Among Transgender Youth,” which quoted a survey indicating that 93% of 11-to-17-year-old transgender youth are at risk of psychosis, while 91% have posttraumatic stress disorder.

Similarly, 90% of these people consumed drugs, and 95% of them experienced depression, the study continued.

While these statistics are highly alarming, the Los Angeles School District is adopting an impractical way to tackle mental health crises of transgender youth.

Instead of concentrating on designing a hyper-focused mental health training program for the affected group, the school district is forcing mentally stable students to study the same woke curriculum, which is designed to promote a political agenda.

Woke Politicians Playing With Minor Children

As per the terminologies gathered from different study material given to teachers, LAUSD celebrates “asexual,” “pansexual,” “same-gender loving,” “sexually fluid,” “agender,” “bigender,” “gender expansive,” and “genderqueer” status of children.

Furthermore, LAUSD is pushing to introduce the “Queer All School Year” initiative, which will force students to celebrate LGBTQ pride the whole year.

Currently, the month of June is Pride Month; so students celebrate their LGBTQ status only for one month.

This policy of LAUSD is in line with a wider, far-left gender dysphoria movement, which is trying to eliminate moderate gender beliefs from all over the country.

Progressive Democrats even believe parents should not have even the slightest voice in the gender determination of their minor kids.