GOP Senators Criticizing Biden’s “Band-Aid” Solution

The rising oil inflation in the country is worrying Republicans.

12 senators wrote a letter to Joe Biden, mentioning a specific course of action to bring energy prices down. GOP Senator John Thune called the taping of the strategic oil reserves a “band-aid,” noting it will only be a temporary solution.

Releasing Strategic Oil is Only a Temporary Solution

Thune claimed that releasing oil from the strategic reserves would only be a short-term goal, as it would not help the administration in tackling the issue of inflation permanently.

In addition to this, the GOP senator noted America has unquestionable resources of natural oil and gas.

If the Biden administration manages to extract oil out of these reserves, it would ultimately eliminate American energy dependency on the rest of the world. 

He criticized Biden’s State of the Union speech, claiming the president did not address the oil and gas issue during his address to the nation, which is the primary reason for surging inflation.

According to the senator, this issue can only be resolved if the supply is made equal to demand, which is only possible by tapping the natural oil reserves of the country.

While criticizing far-left lawmakers of the Democrat Party, Thune added it is a common perception in Democrats that electric vehicles are the solution to every crisis, but this is not the case.

Recently, Biden announced the release of 30 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves of America, hoping it may bring energy prices down.


Republicans Want Biden to Solve Oil Crisis

In a letter sent to Biden on March 1, Republican senators mentioned the energy policies of the Biden administration are troubling the nation.

According to them, restricting and killing the production of American energy is not playing out in favor of the country; it not only empowers American adversaries, but also increases the burden of the American people.

The senators reminded Biden he pledged to use every possible way to bring America out of the energy crisis; this is not turning out to be the case, as evident by factual data.

The GOP lawmakers also asserted the Biden administration tried hard in the past to dismantle the American energy sector.

Thus, Republican senators established Biden could make some immediate decisions to avert these crises, including reinstating the Keystone XL Pipeline and completing the other ongoing energy projects in the country at a rapid pace.

Similarly, the president can compensate by tapping the oil reserves on public lands so the demands can be met, Republicans noted.

One of the ways to solve America’s energy crisis is to encourage American financial institutions to support investments in the energy sector.

Republicans also lambasted the comments of the presidential convoy for climate John Kerry, claiming he is more concerned about climate emissions, compared to the lives of troubled Ukrainians who are fighting for their survival in the ongoing war.

Kerry stated “massive climate emissions” are the reason for the Russian Ukraine war.