GOP Governors Move to Save America

As the Biden administration turned a blind eye to the imminent border crisis that can start after the end of Title 42, GOP governors are taking command into their hands.

Over two dozen Republican governors created a border strike force that can be critical in addressing the upcoming mess.

GOP Governors Steal the Show by Saving America

The newly created border strike force will be mandated to share intelligence information regarding threats that will help states in addressing violence at the US southern border.

Similarly, the force will also look into the finances of human trafficking groups and drug-smuggling cartels that mobilize chaos deep within the United States.

Thus, this is the joint effort of 26 red states and is being led by Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona.

According to Ducey, the force will be used to eliminate border-related criminal activity.

He appreciated his fellow governors for joining his coalition and being part of the solution to problems that were disturbing the masses.

Reportedly, the governors were worried about the rising availability of fentanyl in America, which has been smuggled from Mexico. This is the primary reason for the establishment of the border force.

A sheriff in North Carolina stated earlier this year that whenever someone is spotted selling drugs like methamphetamines or fentanyl, it means he belongs to a cartel.

White House Denied Saving America

The states which will be part of the force include Virginia, Montana, Tennessee, Maryland, Idaho, Alaska, Mississippi, Florida, Utah, and North Dakota.

The force also includes South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

Ducey lambasted the Biden administration for being unassertive during the border crisis, adding the issue is not affecting any single state alone, but poses a nationwide threat.

This comes at a time when two child predators, alongside various gang members, were caught trying to enter America illegally. 

Last week, Border Patrol agents at Rio Grande Valley Sector examined a trailer after an intelligence report. 

Hidden in that trailer were four illegal immigrants, including a male from El Salvador, who was a convicted child predator, as per the CBC press release.

This is happening at a time when the Biden administration is all set to cancel Title 42 on May 23.

Even though there has been increasing resistance from the Democrat Party regarding the measure, the White House ruled out the possibility that the termination could be delayed.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if the president is looking forward to delaying the termination.

Responding to that, Psaki claimed the administration would wrap it up as planned.

Similarly, another reporter asked whether or not the White House would empower the border authorities against the imminent threat.

On this, Psaki said there are a variety of options available to the government to tackle the crisis.